The end of democracy

2023-05-15 14:54:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja

The end of democracy

The blue map of almost 99.99% of Albania's territory indicates that democracy has died there once and for all. Today everything is sealed. And the saddest thing is the fact of the high percentage figures between the state and opposition candidates. In this particular case, even the Dutch socialists do not know what they will do with the victory. The important thing is that they beat one side and that's it. The important thing is that they showed the country to the class enemy. But also the steel unity around the party.

Just as the generation left by the dictatorship, almost alone in their hearths because they have children in emigration, after rubbing their hands that they defeated Sali Berisha or Ilir Meta, never have to understand that they actually defeated themselves. Especially some cities that are eternally impossible to change. Eventually in a place where everyone complains about living alone that they can't stop the kids from leaving. And that everyone is treated in the country's hospitals with the help of immigrant reeds, etc., that's why you should vote overwhelmingly with exactly the one who is crushing you.

Finally, in a country where everyone complains about low and informal wages, about unemployment, about barren lands, about not selling or processing production, etc., that's how the very one who is being dumped should be voted out. Finally, in a country where the public debt of 104% of the gross production is a success, and thus the one who is ruining you by getting you deeper and deeper into debt should be voted out. Finally, in a country where elections are held with commissions where none of the 5 members are from the opposition.

And where on this commission there is an election court with five members, where none of them are from the opposition, etc., rejoice, this is not a democracy, but a dictatorship. Where before you won, you did nothing but brutally rule over your husband. In short, it is not a democracy, but a waste-tocracy. This is the total degradation of a country called Albania, which finds it difficult to separate from the cult of the individual, where every power considers it a means to rule and not to govern as an alternative.

If it took Enver Hoxha four decades to understand the isolation, the failed economy, the brutality of the class war, the lack of human rights, etc., it will take them as long to fall in love with the pandemic Edi Rama. Now enjoy the blue quilt, fill the squares and continue to implement the 3 or 5 year plans of the strategist Rama, who very soon can bring other constitutional changes to strengthen the cult of the individual.

Finally, the elections of May 14, 2023 ensured him another decade of rule, while for the country it marked the seal and the fall of democracy in Albania. Two words about oppositionism, you must understand one thing, that in a democracy tyrants find it easier to rule.

Democracy itself gives them this advantage. There are worse means of ruling than a dictator. This happened on a sunny day in Albania until a flagrant violation of the constitution was almost public and with public approval. No matter how much they consider you a minority, you are a hero and the most vital part of that country. May you be blessed. You have not lost, Albania has lost.

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