By Robert Budina/ In three days it will be three years since the statue of the National Theatre

2023-05-13 21:21:00, Opinione Robert Budina

By Robert Budina/ In three days it will be three years since the statue of the

Many have called the image as a failure of those who defended it, but I think that those who defended it until the end and were there when the tyrants of an unscrupulous government were trying to imitate it were the most successful, because they showed values, courage, courage , in the face of a concrete danger, armed police, tools of a dark power, simply and only for bread.

In fact, the big losers were those who did not protect him, because with the idea that we are not mixing politically, they helped to degrade a society in agony that is not yet coming out of the transition, they justified an almost bloodthirsty government, which now risks winning the elections with tallava, because society does not have the strength to produce values, but with its lack of reaction leads to their perversion.

People, intellectuals, artists, who have turned into philosophy the licking of power, in order to gain privileges, interests.

Since the elections are tomorrow and I am not in Albania due to work commitments, I would be ungrateful if I did not mention that one of the most pious and humble defenders of the National Theater was Belind Kelliçi, who was there, physically and spiritually, he has joined us in every protest at every moment, tireless, and ready to face without fear and piety in every circumstance, not to mention his father Zamir Kelliçi who for hundreds of days never left the square of The theater.

I know that some may prejudice Blendi because of the political wing he represents, but I have known him personally and he was the only one who, on the day when the National Theater was about to collapse, warned me that the police would attack, even though the then leaders of the opposition denied it. ran away and let the theater collapse, endangering us who were inside.

Belindi ran, collided with the police and was beaten. We were together even when we were arrested at the police headquarters, even Belindi and some FRPD guys were locked in a cell, while I was left in the corridor.

Therefore, since I have known him for several years under very difficult circumstances, I believe that he is a solid individual who keeps his word, works, is responsible and does not manipulate or protest by smearing people with red on the head, to create the idea that they have been hit.

I don't care who the result of the election may be, I care to say what I think and in the face of Belindi's human effort I am obliged to say what I have felt and experienced in that common and unequal struggle with power for the protection of heritage and values.

I know that there is a big machine of interests in front of me and it will be difficult, but not impossible.

And to be honest, his program for Tirana Municipality is concrete and tangible.

Give the opportunity with your vote and if it doesn't convince you then remove this opportunity with a vote.

Good luck Belo.

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