Union and only union

2023-05-18 17:04:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja

Union and only union

It is terribly unfortunate to hear of other factional groups emerging within the Democrats. Or do they come out with some statements about where we went wrong that we lost the elections? This one is exempt and this one is not? No verbal exception. But with a vote.

First of all, if you don't understand that you have to put your head down and there is no other option but to join, you are talking nonsense and that the next loss is at the door. Even this merger should have happened a minute ago. Publicly and everything to be subject to vote. Biles this open. The rest are pet peeves and personal grudges that have nothing to do with Democrat leanings.

I have the impression that the center in Tirana is very far from the base. All these days, thanks to the Internet, I have seen videos of democrats from the base, from all over Albania. Video full of despair and tears, full of pessimism. It hurt that they lost for the hundredth time. Again a minority. Again, the idiocy of some alleged reforms did not represent them in the local government.

Moreover, when a city's thirst for change is overcome by that of rural areas. Meanwhile, the center continues with statements and anti-statements.

The Democratic Party is not the property of either Saliu, Enkelejd, or Jorida, but it is the free will of hundreds of thousands of democrats. To those who have been beaten, imprisoned, defiled with Molotov cocktails, smoke and government whips. It is the free will of the ideas of those who cry because they do not feel that they are represented at all in that blue map of Albania in 2023. You are like this, and you are like that!

This is personal grudge and not the mentality of franchises etc. That's it!

If it were the mindset of franchises, there would be men among them who know how to sit down and hold meetings. But as far as can be seen, there are only angry people who didn't even give a damn about the spiritual pain of the Democrats at the base. To those who see the government and local administration as class enemies, not as citizens.

Enough with the verbal violence of words, put your head down that a consolidated party full of handshakes gives confidence not only to the Democrats, but also beyond. Your ass is not worth the democrat base. Even worse, the Albanians. Even the center should be ashamed of the normal grassroots communication.

Don't look at your people in Mirdita, Pukë, Fushë Arrëz, Kavajë, etc., that is, the winners, as figures who honor you, but see them as a model of communication, of coming together in the face of the dirty machinery of a dictatorial state.

After Alibeaj's resignation, everyone hoped that today the democrats, at least five wise men, would have sat down and discussed the future of the force that brought democracy to the country. But no one appears. Defamatory statements and counter statements.

Call the winners and be sure they have the choice there. It is the will of all democrats to unite. Quite easy to verify. Open a link on the Internet where the Democrats vote and you will see. The word union is today oxygen for them. Enough, that's enough!

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