Fred Beleri, the VIP inmate who replaced Luiz, the Big Brother VIP

2023-05-18 12:50:00, Opinione Xhovan Shyti

Fred Beleri, the VIP inmate who replaced Luiz, the Big Brother VIP

By Xhovan SHYTI

For more than ten days, Fredi Beleri, the mayor of Himara, has replaced Luis Ejlli of "Big Brother VIP" in the hit parade of the daily life of Albanians, more than 60% of whom live in poverty.

Luisi is gone, Beleri came to give breathing space and work to the media full of parasites who vegetate in offices and do not go down to the ground to document the atrocities of the problems of the citizens, more than 60% of whom boycotted the participation in the votes, precisely from the displeasure of bad governance to date.

In contrast to Luisi, who mainly competes in the "Big Brother VIP" show, Fred Beler can be found everywhere. In every show, in "prime time" news and shows dedicated to politics, but not only. I come across it in news articles and radio-television shows, in the article section of newspapers and portals, in conversations in clubs, cafes, in offices, etc., etc. It is enough to turn on the television and the first face that appears is that of Freddy Beler, the mayor of Himara, who won the elections from prison, where he was locked up four days before the polling day. The accusation against him was vote buying. At least this has been mentioned by the prosecution, by order of which Beler was handcuffed. For what?

Even in subsequent pronouncements, the prosecution has repeated the same accusation for which Fredi Beleri is accused, consistently mentioning together with the existence of clear evidence that proves and supports the arrest. But also the raising of serious criminal charges against the prisoner who became a VIP, one like Luisi from "Big Brother", thanks to the contribution of the media and politics that poke their noses everywhere and do not allow the investigative authorities to act freely. No pressure and pressure. From inside and outside.

Because thanks to the two citizenships he holds, in contrast to Luisi's domestic fame, Beler's fame has crossed the political borders of Albania and Greece (where it has also become a priority of the government). His face has become emblematic even in the Greek media, while we expect to see if this will also happen with the international media, after raising the "Beleri" case in Brussels.

This was stated by the Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, who, after evaluating it as too serious, promised in the form of a threat that he will make it big in Brussels on Monday. Dendias made the sudden statement of Fredi Beleri's arrest while speaking on "STAR" television, where he demanded that Beleri be immediately released from the cell. The refrain that Vangjel Dule also repeated in the Parliament hall in the ultimate form. And this very ultimatum is unacceptable. This is pure intimidation, which tarnishes the impartiality of the investigation even more. Coming to a conclusion and making a right decision that will separate the alum from the sugar.

All of the above is acceptable in this "game" of justice that began after the evaluation of the evidence that criminalized the former candidate for mayor, Fred Beleri, that brought him in handcuffs and the storm that replaced the fame of Luis Aile and follows still under the shameful ultimate credo: "To be released immediately because he is a political prisoner, kidnapped by the renaissance sect and Rama".

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