PS won, but we all lost!

2023-05-15 19:40:00, Opinione CNA
PS won, but we all lost!
Journalist Mentor Kikia

SP has the right to enjoy the victory. He organized a political campaign, pointing to Berisha and Meta as an alternative, and instead of accountability, he chose the show with comedy and dance.

I walked. It worked. He won overwhelmingly, almost the same as in the last election, when he was alone on the field and the opponent's gate was empty...

But the turnout was the lowest in the history of elections since 1992 (except for the empty gate, in 2019).

In Vlora, the participation was scandalous, only 24%. What more is needed to understand the abandonment of citizens?

The "gray" electorate stayed at home.

"It's raining, what's wrong with Teresa? After all, will it change anything?”

Young people were the biggest abstainers.

They, and especially first-time voters, were not mere boycotters. They abandoned politics.

Young people did not abandon only the opposition and Berisha-Meta, but the entire political caste. They did not mandate either "change" or "continuation".

No one here does these analyses. Because whoever wins, 10% participation is enough, it is enough to win 50% +1 vote of this 10% share.

While the opposition, after not being able to inspire the mass vote, is now busy listing the reasons why those who won won.

PS won, but we all lost!

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