More Catholic than the Pope, holier than the saints

2023-09-28 22:07:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
More Catholic than the Pope, holier than the saints
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

If there is only one thing that Tirana should have learned by now from the terrorist act in Banjska, it is that it does not know Serbia better than Pristina.

For years, Tirana's pressure on Kosovo, initially for the acceptance of the "Mini-Schengen", then the removal of the tax on Serbian goods, then for the Open Balkans or for the Association of Municipalities with a Serbian majority, not only has not contributed to the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, but it has worsened the relations between the two Albanian governments.

Banjska is the last nail in the coffin of the "Open Balkans".

Banjska testified that the Albanian government, even on the day of the terrorist act, could not rise to do what anyone, even any reasonable Serb, did: Condemn the terrorist act.

Banjska testified that Serbia has never given up its plan to use the Serbian minority in Kosovo as a "Nastradin's nail" to destabilize Kosovo under the example of Republika Srpska in Bosnia.

Banjska proved that the West's one-sided pressure on official Pristina and turning a blind eye to Belgrade for the sake of the strategy that Serbia will abandon Russia neither turns the Serbs away from the West nor resolves the conflict.

Bansjka indicated that the source of problems and tensions is not Pristina at all, but Belgrade.

Waiting for a "better time", since 20 years Belgrade has been playing the game "with extremists" who do not allow Vu?i? to maneuver more. Copy of the game that Milosevic played with Seshel and co.

Banjska was a good opportunity for Albania to open its eyes and see not only the problem, but also the roots of the problem that until today it has refused to see with the hope that the path to peace would be Tirana-Belgrade and not Tirana-Pristina-Belgrade .

But Prime Minister Rama's attitudes so far show that he does not want to talk about the "elephant in the room".

Being removed as more Catholic than the Pope and holier than the signers, on the day he should have condemned the terrorist act, he is asking for an international conference! clear thoughts: Even if they kill us, we will not recognize Kosovo!

Instead of asking that the presence of KFOR be increased in addition to the presence of the special forces of the Kosovo police, the prime minister of Albania, 24 hours late, repeats the request of the President of Serbia: "KFOR should deal with the security in the north of Kosovo" .

You must be deaf and blind that after the national mourning for the terrorists, the scandalous reaction of the press controlled by Vu?i?, the continuation of the scandalous lies that the Kurti government is carrying out "genocide" against the Serbs in Kosovo, to continue the attitude "towards the two sides ". There can be no symmetry between the aggressor and the aggressed.

Albania, as a NATO member country, can raise the security problem and the role of KFOR in the light of the terrorist act and the discovery of the weapons arsenal.

To be surprised that Serbia mourns the terrorists means that you have forgotten that you are dealing with a country that glorifies war criminals to this day. You forgot that you are dealing with a state that has started 4 wars in the Balkans and practiced genocide.

Instead of standing by Kosovo's side in these difficult moments, Tirana once again one day takes a position as if it lives on the moon and the next day it acts as a patriot with PR operations.

The only thing that Kosovo does not need now is the spectacle of the type: Albania against the EU. Unfortunately most of the media sang the same tune. A PR operation for internal consumption in Albania does not help Kosovo at all.

The EU's statement of September 19, for which Albania "did not agree", was overruled by the EU itself on September 24 and September 25.

On September 24, the EU condemned the attack, while a day later it lowered the flag to half-mast to respect the Kosovo police officer. And it should be noted that the EU did not "mourn" the "fallen" of Belgrade.

If you do not have the opportunity, desire to help, find the strength not to spoil work.

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