By Andi Bushati/ Rama, Vucic's parrot, with patriotic language

2023-09-28 18:02:00, Opinione Andi Bushati
By Andi Bushati/ Rama, Vucic's parrot, with patriotic language
Prime Minister Edi Rama

Anyone who has listened to Edi Rama in the last two days was probably surprised by the change of patriotic course in his vocabulary. He, for the first time, criticized Belgrade's decision to observe national mourning for the paramilitaries who committed violence and killed a policeman near Zvecan. He went even further by announcing that, for the first time in this decade of his rule, Albania was taking a line contrary to that of the EU, which did not, according to Rama, condemn this act with the appropriate force .

In a superficial and careless look, it seemed as if our prime minister had made a distinction between the victims and the aggressors and decided to take sides in favor of the former.

But, in fact, the essence is not as it appears from the form. At the press conference at the Prime Minister's office, he could not hide the perversion of people who have something to hide. There was an absurd disproportion in his attitude, between the strong blow he made to the weakest link in Brussels, the EU spokesperson, and the timidity to label Vu?i? as the mastermind of the September 24 criminal attack. There were ridiculous inconsistencies there.

By Andi Bushati/ Rama, Vucic's parrot, with patriotic language

When BIRN asked him if he was ready to negotiate between Kosovo and Serbia, he said that this was impossible, since as Prime Minister of Albania he considered himself a party. But when he had to answer if he had shown his proposal for association to Pristina and Belgrade, he defended himself by arguing that he had presented a proposal on the parties. He claimed that despite the serious event that happened in Banjska, he would continue the bilateral meetings with Vu?i?, while for something much more insignificant than that, he canceled the meetings between the two governments with Kurti.

All this perversion and this string of incoherences stemmed from the duality to combine two impossible things: the vocabulary of a patriotic man, with the slanginess of Vucic's vassal. Because this September 28, Edi Rama has released from his mouth a proposal that will be remembered for a long time as a stab in the back for Kosovo, which until now no senior Albanian politician has dared to articulate. He proposed that the international troops of KFOR take control of the north, a territory with a Serbian majority, but which is under the exclusive sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo.

This request reopens the discussion about the north, which Rama once made plans to treat as an exchangeable territory, and grinds water to the mill of all Albin Kurti's critics, who accuse him of having this part out of control. But the most beautiful part of this deviation of the prime minister was that just a short time ago he thought completely differently. With a commendable professionalism for memory and speed of reaction, the journalist of A2 CNN, Fiorela Beleshi, reminded him that not far from June 19 of this year, Rama had written that the deployment of KFOR in the North meant a loss of control of the state on the territory.

By Andi Bushati/ Rama, Vucic's parrot, with patriotic language

So, with the current proposal, was Rama seeking to sanction the shrinking of Kosovo's borders? Why this radical change in just three months? What justified this pirouette, which, if it wasn't idiotic, could be called outright vile?

Those who take a look at Belgrade media have the answer. The prime minister made the proposal, 180 degrees different from what he once thought, after the same thing was articulated by Vucic the day before. So he was doing neither less nor more than the Serbian president's parrot. Therefore, in order to camouflage as much as possible this act which would be shameful for any normal person, he tried to camouflage it with heavy patriotic language. Criticism of the mourning in Belgrade and the supposed declaration of separation from the EU line were formal disguises to join essentially the same line as Serbia.  

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