Myslim Murrizi: The loss of Kukes municipality and the real problem that the real opposition has today

2023-09-26 18:40:00, Opinione Myslim Murrizi
Myslim Murrizi: The loss of Kukes municipality and the real problem that the
Former MP Myslim Murrizi

Every "excuse" for every loss and every result becomes stale and damages the opposition more

Entering the competition knowing everything, such as vote buying, dirty money, state and power pressure, gangs, employees, "oligarchs" money, but that these "oligarchs" have worked, earned and shared money almost with every government for 23 years, and then to justify that they stole or bought from me, this does not work and it does not belong to anyone.

This behavior after the elections weakens the faith of the opposition citizens towards the real opposition every day.

Kukësi entered the election after a moral-corruption scandal of the former mayor.

The victory with over 5,500 votes or 4 times more than the margin on May 14 clearly shows that the opposition has serious problems.

The opposition can no longer continue to "hide" behind the party of freedom, when on the one hand it claims to be center-right or "conservative" (which for me it never is), and on the other hand it is registered under the banner of a super party the left.

The opposition must be registered in the court as soon as possible as a political entity with its own name, stamp, symbol and logo and must not depend on the court that never gives a fair decision because it is under pressure from those who declared Berisha "non- thanks".

The opposition should no longer "drag" saying that the seal, logo, symbols, commissions, funds, etc. Luli took them with Butterfly, or Enkeled with Eralda.

All that I have mentioned was taken by those who declared Berisha "non-women" and with the same justification as NGOs, NGOs or the McGonigals who have become millionaires in Albania, but who have no chance for the real opposition to take them back them until the 2025 elections.

The opposition should not make a show, pretending that it becomes "bigger" or "stronger" by "merging" with Gazi and the Gazi group, when in fact they publicly admit that they do not recognize any Reestablishment institution. and when the citizens see them as unwashed people who, within 2 years, have done disgusting political acrobatics just for the sake of their chair.

The opposition must once and for all give up the entry into the race of "mercenary" individuals who have no connection with the respective municipalities, or who have lived away for 5-10-15-20 or 40 years and come back to be mayor, because the citizens know very well that this return is more for chairs than for their troubles.

The opposition must face the reality and see for themselves that it is not possible to go to the citizens with a binding offer, or solve my ex-thieves, or solve Rama's thieves.

The opposition must go down to the grassroots with people who know the grassroots and who do not have negative charges, in order to really create 5200 sections for the 5200 polling stations that Albania has but actually does not have.

The real opposition in the Parliament should have fought the destruction of the bazaar of April 21, 2008 and the return of sovereignty and the equality of the vote, so that the citizens elect the deputies and the citizens' votes for 1 deputy are equal.

The real opposition that received 505,000 votes on May 14 must re-elect all its leadership structures from scratch, after I finish organizing 5,200 sections with a minimum of 7 people per section, and there is no need to have in its leadership forums people who are selected by WhatsApp sms, or disgusting clowns whose family members have spread to other parties like birds k….. orbi

Berisha has no reason to remain a "hostage" of a handful of people who surround him, deceive him, brag about him, praise him as a disgusting servile, but who actually harm him and the opposition.

The opposition should try with a clear program and individuals with integrity, with morals and not perceived as thieves, to unite as many opposition citizens as possible, not to sell us as a "success" the union of a handful of people who work as MPs. but who actually never love, appreciate, respect, but hate each other.

The opposition must divide the mind that will continue to be left, masked, center, right or conservative, because it can never be everyone's, and you cannot tell Albanians that I am conservative when I have a pyramid or within the leadership structures individuals who do not love and hate the family.

The opposition should make up for the time it has wasted begging you worthless people.

If the year 2023 passes and the opposition continues with the same attitude, then in 2025 only caterpillars and serviles who think about their chair will remain around it.

The core of the opposition to Rama and the other sons or bastards of the bloc are the anti-communists and not the neo-communists, or the puppies of Soros.

The opposition is a noble, but difficult mission that cannot be done with scumbags, serviles, thieves, or people without ass who swing like pendulums.

This is my opinion that I have expressed several times in the National Council, but also publicly.

Now I expect to be "judged" by all the disgusting categories I mentioned above, but I don't feel strongly about spirituality.

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