Rama sentenced to open the "secret envelope"

2023-09-27 11:56:00, Opinione Andi Bushati

Rama sentenced to open the "secret envelope"

The Serbian terrorist attack in the vicinity of Zvecan and Belgrade's unchanging attitude to use the Northern Serb community as cannon fodder have raised a question that could blow up the agreement reached on the basis of the Franco-German plan. Is it possible that, under these conditions, the Kosovar side gives the green light to the establishment of the association, now that the doubts about the purpose for which it can be used have become very strong?

This dilemma, which is being affirmed by more and more specialists of the region, was raised in an editorial by the serious London newspaper "The Guardian". It was emphasized there that it is not at all strange that, in the conditions when Washington and Brussels are pampering Vucic, Albin Kurti hesitates to give the association to the Serbs with separatist tendencies. The Guardian's editorial summarized the dilemmas that are facing everyone these days. What if a man like Radoiçiçi (link below the portrait of Lapsi.al) was put in charge of the association of Serbian municipalities? 

What if the policemen, the communes, the elected officials turned their autonomous work environments, just as they tried to turn the Banjska monastery into a weapons depot?

So the issue is summarized: although an extended self-management of the Serbian community is as appropriate as it is inevitable, are we at the right moment to take this step, when it is suspected that it risks not benefiting the citizens, but bandits of the Serbian List?

Unfortunately, the road map where the 11-point agreement of Brussels and the Ohrid dialogue brokers want to take is exactly this direction. 

Another detailed analysis by The Guardian detailed what happened at the Kurti-Vucic meeting on September 14 in Brussels. Doubts are strong that Lajcak and Borelli have adopted the Serbian line - unlike the early promise that no party would impose conditions - to impose the association in the center and then we will see what we do about the other points, which the Serbian president did not sign can with "killed hand".

If this approach is confirmed, especially now after the terrorist act of September 24, then the dialogue and the agreement reached have been undermined. 

But it is the duty of Albin Kurti and the government of Kosovo to oppose the slide into the scenario that the Serbs want. We, in Tirana, have to deal mainly with the official line of our foreign policy. Precisely, here, there is the fear that Edi Rama has conformed to the version: the association in the center and other points in the Greek calendars.

At the moment when our prime minister decided to give Kurt a blow on the back, by canceling the meeting agreed between the two governments, adding weight to Vucic's argument that it is impossible to talk to Albini, he did not commit this sin alone . On the same day, on June 8, fixed as requested by Belgrade and those who follow his line, he emphasized the urgent creation of the association. Rama even went further, he announced that he has his own draft, drawn up by excellent international specialists, for the form this association should have.   

And here the first doubts arose. What happened to this draft for which the prime minister's office had never announced before that a working group had been set up? What were these renowned experts who were afraid to go public? Why did a head of government, who said he had a great plan, insist that it should be kept secret?  

These doubts fueled others: was someone else hiding behind the plan named after the prime minister, and was this someone certified as a defender of Kosovo's interests?

We still, three months later, have not received answers to any of these questions. But, these 100 days have served us to be clearer about at least two things, firstly why Belgrade wants the association in the first place and then about the most extreme version for which its establishment can be used.

The events near and inside the Banjska monastery shed more light in this direction. And in these new conditions, in order not to carry the accusations that he is putting petty personal interests above those of Kosovo, our prime minister is condemned to give explanations. He must first hope what forced him, at the beginning of June, to insist on the condition of establishing the association of Serbian municipalities . Second, he must open the "secret envelope" of his proposal. Let the specialists and the general public see how Edi Rama imagined the solution to an impasse, which according to him would pave the way for final recognition by Serbia. 

Only in this way, and not with drafts against days of mourning, can he prove that he meant no harm, when he announced that he keeps a secret draft in his drawer. Only by seeing all that was in his mind could he escape the suspicion that he was an emissary of a dark game. Otherwise, everyone has the right to suspect that he was made available, to deliver a bad blow, a difficult moment. 

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