Appendix, today's podcast with Benet and Luiz

2023-05-20 12:44:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra
Appendix, today's podcast with Benet and Luiz
Journalist Hysni Gurra

Appendesiti had done a podcast today with Bennett and Luiz.

He goes on to tell an elaborate story about how he went to the Rrmaji cemetery by train in 1990 for Dom Simon's mass.

30 or so years have passed and not a single witness has yet come forward to say that, yes, we went together by train, or, yes, it was this one too, I remember. No one has claimed such a thing.

If it had been, it would have been noticeable that this has always been the protagonist, tall yes, at least someone would say that I remember this.

But beyond these - it was possible for a boy raised in a family of the nomenclature, deeply atheist, deeply connected to the regime, to think, no longer even take the train, who wanted at least a 4-5 hour to go to Shkodër, to undertake this journey.

Of course, he has time to fabricate witnesses (which is what I'm looking for), this will happen for a while, because most dictators, after they consolidate well, start fabricating the past.

Now he has taken over Shkodra. Apart from what Toma bought on his account, I can't determine whether or not this BB character had any influence on his victory. But what is clear is that it was a genuine manipulation operation; they took him and put him in the BB, it makes him a popular character, and in the end they may have used his fame.

However, no matter what happened, a citizen who casts his vote in a candidacy x for Luiz's hater, has nothing to do with being a citizen.

And I was finally convinced by Appendesit's podcast that;

Shkodra has a mayor Rama

Vice President Tomen

Gaztor Luizin.

The entire package submitted to them, they will only notarize what is required.

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