Donkey or donkey!

2023-05-20 09:43:00, Opinione Artan Fuga
Donkey or donkey!
Academician Artan Fuga

I remember, child, in our neighborhood of Tironce, with adobe houses, with cobbled streets, with avlli, full of caracas, a friend who used to bully others, we used to tell him:

Oh man!

So not "bullying" others, but nac!

What the hell are you doing!

That's enough, nac!

What a beautiful word "nac"?

Why is there a place in the dictionary for the word "bullying", and not the beautiful word "nac"!

What a great contribution it would have been if, instead of spending the second, third, fourth time on dictionaries with normative words, without color and without smell, the dictionaries of the dialects of our common beautiful Albanian were made!

Whole volumes!

Why do you say the language from its own dialects, naca?

Why do you hate beautiful dialects, naca! Why are you ashamed of your dialect?

The language in the background of its words is a set of dialects in the structure of the words, in the sound of the words, in the semantics of the word, in everything.

They use the term "dialect" as if it were a bad thing. It is the magnificent wealth of language.

That they remember when the tyrant of the neighborhoods with avlli used to say:

Run away, you bastard! The word "gamor" was actually the word "ass" for him, but tyronche!!!

What a mistake!

Eat Shan, eat Baghdad!

"Donkey" was an insult, while "gamor" was also praise!

It depends on the context!

How do they know what the semantic contextualization of the word is!!!

Yes, let's explain to these lads!

They are complete caracas!

Oh my gosh! - say it!

To understand this change, it takes two hundred years!

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