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Street theater, the Italian director brings "Nastradin's shoes" to Korça

2022-07-08 22:52:00, Kulturë CNA
Street theater, the Italian director brings "Nastradin's shoes"
Photo from the show

The Italian director, Laura Fatini, has brought together the actors of the theater of Korça Andon Zako Çajupi with some Italian actors with Nastradin's stories in what is being experimented for the first time in our country, such as street theater. This show is part of a multi-state project that has been years in the making.
At the center of this show are Nastradin's stories, which were presented in a different form to the public, where the actors went to the public and not the public in the theater hall.

The show started in the square in front of the Cathedral, where the actors and young people told the funny stories centered on Nastradin. This is the first time that this type of street theater is being experimented with, which during the summer season is more suitable for attracting visitors. /CNA.al

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