"Fan S. Noli - Versatile Personality"

2022-06-17 14:18:00, Kulturë CNA

"Fan S. Noli - Versatile Personality"

In the premises of the Academy of Sciences, a scientific conference is being held today on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the birth of Theofan Stilian Noli on the topic: "Fan S. Noli - Versatile personality".

"Fan S. Noli - Versatile Personality"

This scientific conference is also attended by representatives of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania such as the Bishop of Bylist Hirësi Asti, Theodhor Peci and other clergy.

Radio Ngjallja is broadcasting live from the premises of the Academy of Sciences of Albania: 

Recall here that Theofan Stilian Noli, known as Fan S. Noli has been an orthodox playwright, politician, diplomat, man of letters and musician.

As a man of letters, Noli has written and translated various texts from various genres, as well as contributed to the journalism of the time as a director, editor and writer across several periodicals.

He started translating dramaturgy, then translated Sami, orthodox religious texts and major works of world literature by Shakespeare, Khajami and Cervantes./ CNA.al

"Fan S. Noli - Versatile Personality"


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