Karl Patsch recalls, Neritan Ceka: The government does not fund archeology

2022-06-28 19:13:00, Kulturë CNA
Karl Patsch recalls, Neritan Ceka: The government does not fund archeology
Neritan Ceka

The founder of the Austrian Albanian archeology and museology Karl Ludwig Patsch is remembered.

Neritan Ceka said he paved the way for archeological excavations in the early 1900s and created the concept of archeology as a historical science. On the other hand, he also influenced the formation of the first archaeologists.

"The path opened by Kalr Patsch at the beginning of the last century is now a path of a European-type science," Ceka told abcnews.

Dorian Koçi emphasizes his contribution to the creation of the National Historical Museum in 1922.

"He is one of the most important foreign personalities who has contributed to Albanian museology," he said.

Archaeologist Neritan Ceka emphasizes the lack of funding in archeology.

"Albanian archaeological science stands out of attention and respect, consideration and funding made by the Albanian government," said Ceka.

The commemorative activity "Beginnings of Albanian archeology and museology" is organized by the National Historical Museum, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Albania and the Institute of Archeology at the Academy of Albanological Studies.

Karl Patsch's contribution to albanology and at the same time his role as a bridge in establishing the tradition of scientific cooperation between Albanians and Austrians in the field of archeology./ CNA.al

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