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Hunter Biden will testify before Congress in December

2023-11-28 21:02:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Hunter Biden will testify before Congress in December
Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden

Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, said on Tuesday that he would testify before Congress in December, CNBC reports.

“Your idle investigation has gone on too long wasting many better used resources. It must end," Hunter Biden attorney Abbe Lowell wrote in a letter to the chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

"Accordingly, Hunter Biden will appear at such public hearing on the date you have noted, December 13, or any date in December that we can arrange," Lowell wrote.

The challenging letter came weeks after House Oversight Chairman James Comer called on the president's son and brother to sit in camera as he conducts an impeachment inquiry into the Democratic president.

Comer and other Republicans accuse the president of engaging in and benefiting from influence schemes created by members of his own family, who seek to enrich each other because of their ties to a powerful politician.

The White House has strongly denied any wrongdoing by the president./ CNA

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