Germany recorded nearly 1,000 anti-Semitic incidents since October 7

2023-11-28 14:16:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Germany recorded nearly 1,000 anti-Semitic incidents since October 7

A total of 994 anti-Semitic incidents were reported in Germany in the first month of the war between Israel and Hamas, the radical Palestinian group designated a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union.

This number marks 29 cases per day, 320% more incidents compared to the daily average in 2022, the Federal Association of Departments for Research and Information on Antisemitism (Rias) reported in Berlin on Tuesday.

The assessment covers the period from October 7 to November 9, 2023.

Many Jews experienced anti-Semitic incidents in their daily lives and felt insecure, Rias said.

In 59 cases, the incidents occurred in residential areas. In Giessen two men forced their way into an Israeli's apartment to remove an Israeli flag from the window.

Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel propaganda are also on the rise at universities where 37 incidents were reported.

According to the Jewish students, they were blamed by other students for Israel's actions. Some have even stopped going to university.

The numbers are alarming but not surprising, said Hanna Veiler, president of the Jewish Student Union in Germany.

"Young Jews have continuously reported since October 7 how much anti-Semitism they perceive in their daily lives, especially in the university context, has increased," she said. Rias reporting centers recorded 177 anti-Semitic rallies nationwide.

"The propaganda successes of Hamas have a greater impact on the number and flow of demonstrations in Germany than the actions of the Israeli army itself," said Ria's managing director, Benjamin Steinitz./ Rel

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