The Greeks answer Germany about the crisis: Why don't you bankrupt Germans sell your islands?

2023-11-27 12:22:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
The Greeks answer Germany about the crisis: Why don't you bankrupt Germans
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In an article of Bild , the correspondent of Greece Liana Spyropoulou, through a long article with some of the voices of the country's politicians, has returned the answer to Germany for the advice that the latter gave to Greece while it was experiencing the economic crisis.

When the Greeks went bankrupt in 2010, there was no lack of our good advice: " Sell the islands, you bankrupt Greeks" , was BILD's headline at the time, and we meant it!

The Greeks answer Germany about the crisis: Why don't you bankrupt Germans
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Now they are bringing the ball back to us, the very ones who were supposed to sell the power plants and companies at the height of the debt crisis, in which Athens had plunged all of Europe: Panagiotis Lafazanis, former Minister of Energy and Environment in the government of the far-left prime minister, Alexis Tsipras and his wild finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis.

Now they are responding, and even have some savings suggestions for us: " The government should impose emergency taxes on both citizens and companies to solve the problem. This will cause a crisis in Germany, but the money cannot be raised otherwise."

And then, the Greeks explode with the austerity hammer: " Another solution would be to sell public assets like the islands, in order to raise large sums of money quickly."

Bankrupt Germany will have to sell its islands, Heligoland, Ruegen or Wangerooge - is this possible? Are we really so bankrupt as Greece once was that Finance Minister Christian Lindner has to sell his sunny island of Sylt?

The state should also sell the companies, says the Greek left. But who would take the Deutsche Bummelbahn?

And then, the Greeks threaten us with austerity commissioners. In Greece, the Troika, a troika consisting of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the EU, once led a regime of strict austerity measures. The hated Troika guarded the empty Greek coffers. In the end, 278 billion euros in aid were collected to save the island-rich empire.

Former minister Lafazanis says to BILD: "If the Germans cannot bring the situation under control themselves, then they must be placed under the supervision of the Troika. Then they will be forced".

His comment on the German situation was: " Life is vindictive. Germany must experience what it imposed on Greece. Germany threatens to lead Europe into a long-term crisis".

Others in Greece point to more ancient examples, for example life in ancient Sparta. The willingness to give up and sacrifice the citizens of ancient Sparta continues to this day in the German word 'Spartan'. And things are getting spartan in Germany.

Hence comes the Greek advice from Sparta: Start saving!/ CNA

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