Germany risks losing its welfare state

2023-11-27 07:48:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Germany risks losing its welfare state
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The president of German Employers, Rainer Dulger, has appealed to politicians to act without delay against the lack of skilled labor. This shortage is endangering well-being, Dulger warned.

The president of the German Employers, Rainer Dulger, calculates that Germany will lose welfare, as a result of the lack of labor force. He is of the opinion that "the lack of manpower cannot be completely corrected".

This is what Dulger said to the "Bild am Sonntag" newspaper. This will cause us in this country to lose well-being, according to Dulger, who asked politics to take measures to alleviate this problem. "Germany has to become attractive again for qualified foreign powers", emphasizes Dulger.

"And what do we offer them? One of Europe's most complicated languages, a disastrous housing market, a slow bureaucracy and now even fewer places in kindergartens with less flexible opening hours. We need a welcoming culture like in other major immigration countries."

Higher minimum wage? Policy to reduce taxes

Dulger denied the charge that the employers had prevented the proper increase of the minimum wage. "There is a minimum wage commission. This commission, in which there are representatives of employees and employers, decided the increase by majority and the government implemented it", said the president of the Association of German Employers, BDA.

He rejected calls for another increase in the minimum wage in the next round. According to Dulger, if the policy wants those with low salaries to have more in their accounts, then it can reduce taxes and contributions.

According to him, the coalition policy should also say goodbye to its climate policy objectives. "If the coalition government remains with all those plans it has in climate policy, then Germany can no longer resist on an international scale.

Enterprises would give up, because they are required to make investments that they cannot make. Climate protection cannot destroy the economy. Dulger asked the government to remove a lot of bureaucracy to revive the economy./ DW

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