New swine flu found in humans/ First UK case

2023-11-27 18:50:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
New swine flu found in humans/ First UK case
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A pig virus has infected a person in Britain for the first time, health authorities have said.

A person with mild respiratory symptoms was found to be infected with a strain of influenza A(H1N2)vi which is different from the H1N1 flu that caused the 2009 pandemic.

Around 50 people worldwide have previously been found infected with the virus, but this is the first known case in the UK.

The virus is genetically very similar to viruses that infect pigs, and it is not known whether the patient got the virus directly from an animal, from food, from another person, or from some other source.

This new strain was genetically distinct and not related to any of the other 50 H1N2v infections in humans worldwide, the UKHSA said.

Preliminary analysis by UK health officials revealed that the infection detected in the UK is a distinct strain (1b.1.1), which is different from recent human cases of influenza A(H1N2) elsewhere in the world. However, it is very similar to veterinary infections known to circulate in pigs in the UK. / CNA

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