New research reveals: Children's use of artificial intelligence and time spent watching porn

2023-11-28 16:04:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
New research reveals: Children's use of artificial intelligence and time
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A recent study looked at how artificial intelligence was used by children in the UK and how age-appropriate the materials they accessed were.

Recent research by the UK's broadcasting and telecommunications regulator Ofcom has found four in five children or (79%) teenagers aged 13-17 use AI-generating tools. 40% of younger children aged 7-12 have also started using technology.

Among the under-17 age group, the most popular AI tool is Snapchat My AI, an AI chatbot hosted by social media platform Snapchat. Over half of the age group used chatbots, with teenage girls (75%) making up the largest segment.

Adults over 16 reported that the majority (69%) had never used AI with 24% claiming to have no idea what it is.

For those using AI, the vast majority (48%) are using chatbots and simply exploring what the software is capable of. The next most popular uses are finding content (36%), looking for advice (22%), creating text (20%) and creating images (20%).

Over half of respondents (58%) reported concerns about the impact of AI on society, with 16-24 year olds the most concerned (67%).

The average time spent online each day increased by eight minutes to 3 hours and 41 minutes from last year's report. Young people aged 18-24 spend the most time online, averaging 70 days a year.

YouTube took the trophy after being used by 91% of adults, compared to 90.7% who use Facebook.

Porn use was also examined by the study. Nearly a third (29%) or 13.8 million adult internet users have access to pornographic content online. Of this group, 10.1 million were men.

The most common time of day for porn viewing was also during regular business hours between 9am and 5:29pm./ CNA

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