Fevziu in Kenya/ Find the Albanian politician

2024-04-03 18:28:00, Aktualitet CNA
Fevziu in Kenya/ Find the Albanian politician
Blendi Fevziu

The new adventure of the journalist Blendi Fevziu this time has another destination, that of Nairobi in Kenya.

While exploring the country, Blendi Fevziu meets one of the Albanian politicians. It is about Fatbardh Kadilli.

Together with Fevziu, Kadilli gives his impressions of life in Kenya, where he calls it beautiful but a challenge.

Fevziu, on the other hand, says that there is a similarity with Albania in the 90s.

The conversation between Fatbardh Kadilli and Blendi Fevzi

Fevizu: With Bardh Kadilli in Nairobi, Kenya. See where I met him on the way back to the city center.

How long do you have in Nairobi?

Kadilli: Yes, the family is there since August of last year. I myself have been back and forth since January.

Fevziu: How is life here?

Kadilli: Very beautiful, but a challenge. Challenges are beautiful.

Fevziu: In fact, every African city you have to go to that Bardhi doesn't say with nerves, you always have to be steel because there are always unexpected things.

What do you do all day?

Kadilli: As far as politics is concerned, I have some kind of engagement with interviews, I am writing a book related to politics.

Fevziu: Politics in Nairobi, I don't know where to reflect here, actually see how it looks, fixed to reflect. Everywhere you turn is a reflection.

Kadilli: As we were ourselves 20-30 years ago.

Fevziu: Does it look a bit like Albania in the 90s?

There are similarities, there is also the vitality that Albania had then, but we were lucky to have the best neighbors.

Fevziu: Come back as soon as possible!

Kadilli: With great pleasure!/ CNA

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