Judge Afërdita Maho resigned after learning the results of the vetting/ Excluded from the system for 15 years

2023-11-27 22:24:00, Vetingu CNA

Judge Afërdita Maho resigned after learning the results of the vetting/

The judge of the Administrative Court of the First Instance of Tirana, Afërdita Maho, has resigned from her position.

Her resignation came after she became familiar with the results of the vetting.

During the evaluation process, the High Inspectorate for the Declaration of Control of Assets and Conflict of Interest, ILDKPKI did not find any problems with Maho's assets.

Even for the purity of the image, there were no negative findings from the National Authority for the Security of Classified Information.

The Independent Qualification Commission declares that the KLJ has sent a detailed report, but does not disclose the findings of this institution.

KPK completed the administrative investigation on September 12, 2023, and on that day they informed Mahon about the results of the investigation.

KPK has asked the judge to submit clarifications by November 26, 2023 and she has requested additional time. But on the date when she had to submit the submissions, she announced that she submitted to the High Judicial Council the written request for resignation from the function of the magistrate.

The HCJ announced on November 1 that the status of the magistrate for Afërdita Mahon has ended. On November 15, the KPK decided to stop the process of the transitional re-evaluation of the judge and banned her appointment to positions in the justice system for 15 years./ CNA

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