The journalist makes a strong statement / "Members of the KPK and KPA receive money for vetting"

2023-06-21 21:25:00, Vetingu CNA
The journalist makes a strong statement / "Members of the KPK and KPA
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A strong statement was made this evening by journalist Denis Dyrnjaja, as he spoke about the Reform in Justice.

Dyrnjaja said on Erla Mëhilli's show that there is information that members of the KPK and KPA have received money to vet judges and prosecutors.

He stated that people who do not deserve it continue to remain in the justice system and people have been dismissed for small trivialities.

" I believe that more or less everyone can remember that Jacobs today, the ONM representative who was there and was the toughest and harshest in the arguments with judges and prosecutors.

Then, slowly, the power of ONM in the reform began to fade, and according to the information I have and the people who made the reform themselves, members of the KPK and KPA received money. They have taken in exchange for passing many people who did not deserve to pass the vetting. The vetting 'sieve' has broken and the reform has failed. It is difficult for me to name names at this moment, but the reform has passed full of people who did not deserve to pass and it has burned people who have been caught for small banalities, since the law was made as strong as it can be. to be caught and for an unjustified cup.

In the meantime, terrible and big things have happened, this means that there has been corruption and the price has simply increased to get the mandate of a certified prosecutor or judge. This has severely compromised the Justice Reform ", the journalist emphasized./ CNA.al

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