Kosovo, the only danger of Edi Rama!

2023-09-29 22:39:00, Opinione Kevin Agolli
Kosovo, the only danger of Edi Rama!
Illustrative photo - KFOR in Kosovo

Sunday's terrible event in Kosovo, criminal for some and terrorist for many others, has brought back Kosovo with its need for support in the eyes of the Albanian public opinion, which from time to time expects blood and martyrs to be remembered. However, the only one who has not returned the situation in Kosovo to his attention, is definitely Prime Minister Rama. He has always been there; contributor, polemicist, opponent, brother and friend, but above all constantly aligned with the western allies.. until yesterday!

Just yesterday, in an extraordinary conference within the ordinary, the Prime Minister in his address before the public opinion also made the journalist, as he sold the exclusive news; "Albania for the first time in these 10 years is not aligned with the European Union". A right attitude within a 10-year absolutism to some extent excessive. And yet, to come to this almost apocalyptic day of narratives and this separation of attitudes between Albania and the EU, it was necessary not only to bring back before the eyes of the whole world the true image of what Serbia is in relation to Kosovo, but above all to have a bunch of statements from the Albanian Prime Minister; from Sunday of the attack with a statement that looked more like the head of an organization until yesterday,

A need for a continuous clarification on the part of Edi Rama, as he too is extremely aware that in the absolutism of his popularity, an inexistent opposition in Albania, which not only does not know how to win, but which according to it only knows how to steal , only Kosovo is able to endanger this image. Folklore is one of the features of this region, and from time to time we are condemned not only to live together, but also to dance that dance.

However, Edi Rama did not forget to be Edi Rama. Among many truths and distance from the EU statement, he again made a request that is not only contradictory, but that many people doubt who it really serves. This is because, at a distance of a few hours, it was also requested by President Vucic; KFOR to take control of the north. Although the request completely invalidates the ability of the state of Kosovo to control its territory within its own borders, perhaps this request makes more sense than its opposite. But this immediate devaluation of Kosovo's capabilities comes precisely at its most inopportune moment. As a redemption request on a newly reaped victory. Edi Rama himself a few months ago mocked the need for KFOR in that part of the territory,

Then what has changed in this approach to truths and contradictions of the Prime Minister of Albania? Yesterday's conference was one of the rare occasions when Edi Rama could be seen looking at the paper with the prepared speech, and changing them to go from one point to another, without leaving out anything that is needed. He didn't even need it when he was debating with the Russian ambassador at the Security Council meeting. Then he was addressing on his behalf, or again, with a diplomatic prudence under the lines, he emphasized his validity for the direction that transcends the region and the continent?!

However, this validity risks crumbling as long as the continuous exposure is not in unison with the results of a process whose end today is still far away. It is now the need of what everyone understands and expects, that the positions of the two Albanian states are unified, especially before the international factor, rather than the public nonsense that is issued from Belgrade. The Prime Minister of Albania showed that when it is necessary, he knows how to change his statements, maybe at a wrong moment, as in the case of KFOR. Now is the moment to change public support for Kosovo, even when it is wrong. Because maybe, the opposite can endanger it when Albanians are still killed by Serbia and Belgrade refuses to take responsibility.

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