Liridona's murder/ Naim Murseli's father was threatened, police patrols surround the house

2023-12-09 09:29:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Liridona's murder/ Naim Murseli's father was threatened, police

The case of Liridona Murseli has shocked the entire public opinion. Family members are the ones who have experienced this tragedy the most.

Naim Murseli's father said that they wrote to him at home and told him that we are asking for blood".

He indicated that police patrols are guarding the house.

"Two people came to us tonight and told us that "we are asking for blood". They say that they want to solve this issue through the Canon. To all three families, and not just to me. I never told someone "don't kill me". When I love you, let them kill me, I don't care. I have no choice. The police are after me, they said that every movement, every message, they alerted us. I called him and he was told that I was in danger. I told him that I have two young children at home. Now I have two police patrols that are watching your back. He was also a civil investigator. I have it for my nephews, that they can kill me whenever they want, " said Shaban Murseli.

While Liridona's brother says that they believe in reconciliation.

"[To my father and brother] We have mentioned that we have spoken so that it does not get ahead of us. Gjakova is small and we can try on them. For this reason, they have sent people, so that I do not try on them. Just so they don't get ahead of us. If we are hot-tempered, even the worst happens. We believe in justice, I have nothing to say about the Law." Leonardi said./ CNA

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