The resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza, the US opposes

2023-12-09 09:18:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
The resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza, the US opposes
US Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Robert Wood

For hours the participants in the meeting of the UN Security Council in New York tried to reach a content that was acceptable to all. But in the end the resolution failed to condemn the terrorist act of Hamas on October 7 against Israel. It failed in this single sentence, declared the US deputy ambassador to the UN, Robert Wood, who raised his hand to veto the resolution. "We are disappointed that the authors of the resolution have not expressed their condolences to the victims of the heinous attack, and have not condemned their killers. This is unbelievable." Wood criticized the statement for not mentioning sexualized violence by Hamas militants. Hamas is categorized by the USA, Germany, the EU and some Arab countries as a terrorist organization. At a time when the Security Council in the last 20 years has repeatedly emphasized that such violence in such conflicts should be taken seriously, Wood said.

Likewise, the American envoy to the Security Council said that the declaration does not recognize Israel's right to self-defense. A temporary truce cannot turn into a lasting peace under these conditions. "A ban on the Israeli military mission will enable Hamas to continue its rule and set the stage for the next war," Wood said. Meanwhile, diplomatic efforts continue. The head of the US Department of State, Antony Blinken, held talks with counterparts from Arab countries. The US has emphasized that such initiatives could jeopardize diplomatic efforts in the country.

Guterres had insisted on the meeting of the Security Council

The meeting of the Security Council was prompted by the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres through an unusual measure. Guterres had referred to Article 99 of the UN Charter. This instrument allows him to intervene in the agenda of the Security Council. Guterres warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip and called on the SC to demand an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The humanitarian aid system in the Gaza Strip is on the brink of collapse. Among the approximately 17,000 Palestinians killed, there are also 130 UN employees, Guterres said. Never before in any conflict have there been so many victims. "Some of our employees take their children with them to work, so they know that they either survive together or die together."/ DW

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