What about SPAK and the Albanians, do you shave for Mona?

2024-04-20 16:35:00, Editorial CNA
What about SPAK and the Albanians, do you shave for Mona?
Monika Kryemadhi and SPAK

The Meta-Kryemadhi couple, throughout this week, has started to appear in action. In an action with various actions, "touching" the hearts of Albanians, with divorces, betrayals, alleged fights, conflicts, collisions, discussions on principled issues of nepotism and innovation, in the end we had Edmond Haxhinaston, who hid the villa of Gjirit t Lalëzi, and some young soldiers of Ilir Meta who have clashed with Monika Kryemadhi's toads.

What about SPAK and the Albanians, do you shave for Mona?
Monika Kryemadhi and Ilir Meta


The biggest spectacle was yesterday, when Monika Kryemadhi, like a woman, uttered a word: "I don't shave for the prison, nor for SPAK".

Usually, this is an expression that men use, but women may not shave it either. It is a self-selected process.

The point is that, well, Monika doesn't shave it for the prison and SPAK, but SPAK and the prison shave it for Monika? After Monika, maybe it's Iliri's turn. Although the SPAK said that Ilir Meta has not been investigated, he is not a person under accusation, the truth is that there are two investigations. (READ HERE)


One, for CEZ-DIA, for which Ilir Meta jumps and says why they asked Kastriot Ismailaj to cooperate, for what reason? Undoubtedly, they asked him to cooperate to discover a thief with boots like Ilir Meta. Why should they not ask him, or seek the truth about Ilir Meta? Or this type of thief is excluded from investigations.

What about SPAK and the Albanians, do you shave for Mona?
Ilir Meta, in SPAK

The second issue is that of LSI lobbying, letters, documents, facts, and then the properties and assets of Monika Kryemadhi have been investigated, starting from the villas in Gjiri i Lalëzi, to the palaces in Tirana, and so on.

LSI and Ilir Meta himself sought to hijack the Justice Reform agreement. We recall here the feverish negotiations in the Presidency of the Assembly, where Ambassador Lu and Ambassador Vlahutin went, for the vote on the reform.

What about SPAK and the Albanians, do you shave for Mona?
Ilir Meta and Donald Lu

And, at the moment when Rama tried to announce his personal victory, Ilir Meta then tore it to pieces, and said that he is the one who found the solution, the consensus and is the "father" of the Reform in Justice, that reform that today is reviling , to that reform that is being attacked today, to that reform that has done nothing else.

Some honest and integrity prosecutors do not give a damn about Monika Kryemadhi, nor Ilir Meta, nor Erion Veliaj, nor anyone else.

Although, Ilir Meta is clear. He demands that the Reform in Justice be applied simply and only to the other side, to the power, and for Iliri who has been stealing and raping Albanians for 30 years, there should be no Reform, there should be no arrest.

On the one hand, ministers have been arrested, the deputy prime minister is on the run, directors, a bag of people are behind bars, some of their assets are being investigated, they are being seized, but they should not do that to Iliri.

Why? Is there a standard?

Has Ilir Meta been a deputy, minister, prime minister, deputy prime minister, president, speaker of the Assembly in these 33 years?

And, there is a person who is in debt to Albania, it is Ilir Meta, because he received his first and last salary as a member of parliament paid by the Albanians.

Therefore, the investigations must go to the end, to show that not only Monika or Ilir Meta, but also SPAK and the Albanians, are not going to shave for those two. So, for Mona and Lika. (READ HERE)

What about SPAK and the Albanians, do you shave for Mona?
Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi

And this would be the best answer, closing the investigations and bringing them to the dock, with concrete facts and evidence.

The question that arises again is for the people and the SPAK, do you shave for Mona?/ CNA


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