How Rama "shot" Veliaj for his thieving directors

2024-04-16 11:04:00, Editorial CNA
How Rama "shot" Veliaj for his thieving directors
Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj

Prime Minister Edi Rama, in a television appearance, on one of the televisions of the majority paid by the incinerators, bought as media by people close to the mayor of Tirana, gave a strong message yesterday. 

He was not spared at all for the thieving directors of Erion Veliaj and for the mayor himself, calling them traitors, cowards and corrupt. This was the answer that Edi Rama gave to Erion Veliaj and his people in the Municipality of Tirana and this part of the organization with such people and the mayor created.

Without any doubt now, Erion Veliaj is the man who stood over a group of corrupt, cowards and thieves, whom he in turn seeks to protect.

There is a contradictory approach with the prime minister. He says that he has done good work with Mariglen Qaton, Redi Molla and Taulant Tusha, when in fact Erion Veliaj says that they are cowards, thieves, and corrupt. This is what SPAK also says.

How Rama "shot" Veliaj for his thieving directors
Mariglen Qato, Erion Veliaj, Redi Molla and Taulant Tushe

Erion Veliaj told us that there were no more directors and then he accepted them. There are already more than 10 of them, some in handcuffs, some under investigation. Others awaiting decisions. The prime minister has been quite clear with the mayor, with his band of thieves, for whom he claims to have done good work. 

How can good work be done with thieves? Only Erion Veliaj says this. But maybe he uses it as a style to save himself. Seeks to deliver messages to people behind bars or others under investigation.

Some of whom are very close, or are cooperating with SPAK, to end the investigations, to reveal the truth up to the mayor Erion Veliaj, who is the head of the thieves' organization, which Prime Minister Edi Rama, the head of the SP, called them cowards, thieves and traitors. At their head is Erion Veliaj./ CNA 

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