The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin Mata/Kulla at the former exhibition "Alhqipëria Sot"

2023-11-23 12:30:00, Denoncim CNA
The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin
Photo montage - Ervin Mata and Vilma Nushi, in the background the tower at the former "Albania Today" exhibition

The main news of these days has been the SPAK operation after the decoding of the "SKY" application in relation to the communications made by Ervin Mata, who according to the law enforcement bodies and those of the prosecution has already been proven to be one of the main people of the cocaine traffic from South America to Europe.

The son of the former Deputy Director of Police, Erzen Breçani, was also involved in this traffic, as well as many other characters of the world of crime, some of them arrested.

Ervin Mata, the key person, could not be arrested and is reportedly in South America.

On the other hand, the media has often talked about the relationship of the latter with the singer Elvana Gjata. The news made a stir from a strong criminal event, which appeared to be a hook by another man of the criminal world, Ervis Martinaj, against Ervin Mata, after the harassment of the well-known singer Elvana Gjata, an event in the block, in the capital, which ended in casualties.

SPAK then listed large amounts of drugs, stories, schemes and scenarios, but also other issues under investigation. Of course, the media have kept Erzen Breçan, Ervin Mata, Elvana Djata and so on at the top of the news. Some journalists have also focused on other underworld characters, with changed names, who are suspected of involvement in the murder.

But CNA was able to see in detail between the lines of SPAK's accusation or from the data provided by this institution that there is also an investigation into one of the major investments taking place in the capital, which is being made by the company Ervin Mata's father, "Victoria Construction", in the center of the capital.

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin

We are talking about the construction at the former "Shqipëria Sot" exhibition, one of the most strategic places today in Tirana, with a construction permit obtained by "Victoria Construction", which was founded in 2002 and is owned by Ervin Mata's father, Mr. Luan I measured.

The tower, called "Exhibition Building", with a height of 93 meters, will have 24 floors above ground and 5 floors below ground. The total area of ??24 floors will be about 42,000 square meters and will serve as a shopping center, office and residential premises.

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin

The "Victoria Construction" company that will build the tower has been investigated by the SPAK and it is enough to look at the balance sheets of the CKB, where there are inaccuracies, there is undistributed profit in years, capital increase and others like these, which have started since 2009, where the company's capital has started growing in a retained earnings since 2013.

But an interesting fact is that in the construction of the former exhibition "Alhqipria Sot" the first repayments begin to be made by a company. There is an outpouring from "Marketing Distribution" of 116 million new ALL or 1 billion 160 million old ALL, one year before the construction permit was granted by the government and the Municipality of Tirana.

In a property that has had many discussions for decades, court proceedings and clashes between the state and the owners, etc., Ervin Mata's father, Luan Mata, obtains the construction permit, and according to the balance sheet, in 2018, "Marketing Distribution", which is the company owned by the citizen Vilma Nushi, the famous "check up" company in Albania, which turns out to have an investment of 1.16 billion lek and this seems to be the first amount of investment.

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin

But then, after two years and further there are some movements from investors. In 2020, the name of "Marketing Distribution" will be removed from the balance sheets, which was in fact in 2018 also the main contributor to the start of an investment, for a 29-story building, with 5 parking floors on "Gjergj Fishta" boulevard. to the former exhibition, with a construction permit approved by the National Territory Council (KKT) of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin
KKT permit for the tower

But as we pointed out, after the removal from the balance sheets in 2020 of the name of Ervin Mata's father, Luan Mata, and the "Marketing Distribution" company 100% owned by Vilma Nushi, i.e. the "check up" company, there is no clarification, according to the data read in the extract, has this company left as an investor?

In 2021, the declaration shows that the "Marketing Distribution" company, from the first contribution of 1.16 billion old ALL, has gone to 3.5 billion ALL, i.e. 351 million new ALL, according to the data declared in the KKB.

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin
Pouring Vilma Nushi's company for investment

There are also other debtors as creditors, whose names do not appear, whose value starts from the old 30 million lek to about another 220 million lek. An unnamed creditor with about 1 billion ALL declared in the balance sheets submitted by the "Victoria Construction" company to the CKB stands out.

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin
Pouring other creditors for investment

According to these data, which are a simple reading of the company's self-declarations made in the state, it turns out that "Marketing Distribution", Vilma Nushi's company that won the "check up" concession, has invested in the 29-story tower of Ervin's father Meters at the former "Albania Today" exhibition.

This tower was often rumored to have been given to him by the Municipality of Tirana and the government, as he was a very talked about character in the capital and Ervin Mata would be exposed during 2018, as we mentioned above, after the clash with Ervis Martinaj in a criminal event with a victim.

It also turns out that Vilma Nushi initially contributes 1.16 billion ALL, i.e. 116 million new ALL and then in almost 3 years this value triples to 3.5 billion old ALL or 351 million new ALL.

A link that is being investigated by SPAK. The investment, the object has not been seized by this institution. Sources from SPAK told CNA that investigations are being carried out regarding this investment, the sources of income and others, but according to what is declared by the company itself, we now have a clearer picture of where the company "checked up"- it is a co-investor with Ervin Mata's father in the 29-story tower at the former "Alhqipëria Sot" exhibition./ CNA

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin

The "check up" company, in investments with the wanted Ervin

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