Firewood, a problem for Pustec / The Mayor and Protected Areas accept the impasse

2023-11-16 22:37:00, Denoncim CNA

Firewood, a problem for Pustec / The Mayor and Protected Areas accept the

The lack of firewood remains one of the biggest problems of the residents of Pustec municipality. This morning they protested near the offices of the local government because they are not allowed by the administration of protected areas to cut wood in the forest areas belonging to the national park of Prespa.

In the interview for the media, the mayor of Pustec Pali Kolefski admitted that this problem is current, while adding that the agreement has not been reached between the municipality and the administration of protected areas, as there is a deadlock in one of its points, specifically the storage of quantities of firewood.

"Citizens' concern is very real. We have made an agreement with the Protected Areas, but we ask that one point of the agreement should be improved, to remove for example the term "firewood storage" because time does not promise the first and the second with the current atmospheric conditions it is almost impossible to carry out this process in this way. We have proposed that the material provided through improvement works be distributed within the day", said Pali Kolefski.

From communication with the regional directorate of Protected Areas, the fact that the deadlock is in storage is accepted, while the possibility of solving the problem is being seen. The residents of Pustec will need about 8,000 m3 of firewood, which will be provided in the protected areas, as the municipality has no forest area in its ownership./ CNA

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