The criminal attack on Tedi Malavec and the truth of a sentence

2023-11-22 12:54:00, Denoncim CNA
The criminal attack on Tedi Malavec and the truth of a sentence
Teddy Malaveci

Tedi Malaveci is the head of the National Chamber of Private Bailiffs, some time ago there were articles and attacks on him on portals and yesterday also in some media by certain individuals a criminal attack was organized to attack Mr. Malaveci.

In fact, the document, of a conviction more than 26 years ago, came to the CNA editorial office about a week ago. The denunciation then also included a document. We verified the document first, we officially contacted Mr. Tedi Malaveci and we were going to publish yesterday afternoon a complete extended material regarding the event along with Mr. Malaveci's statement.

But apparently, those who wanted to attack him, as happens with the Albanian style, wanted to publish certain writings, with certain epithets, unverified, simply and only to attack Mr. Tedi Malaveci. In fact, the news was with us, we had a decision, a sentence, but the voice of the other side was also needed. At the moment when we were confirming the interview and the position of Mr. Malaveci, the attack comes from portals from other media.

An unprofessional thing since a long article was published everywhere, prepared by someone with first grade drafts inside, there was literature and the only bit of journalism was some information about the trial and personal attacks on Mr. Malaveci about the punishment. 

CNA contacted Mr. Malaveci, who pointed out that it was a document from many years ago, an event that happened when he was a student in his teens, in the Netherlands. Then when it happened in a disco with many young people in a youth environment and then the laws of that time were many times harsher in the Netherlands and in the event that today young people do such actions for the same thing as Mr. Malaveci was punished , the law does not apply.

Of course, times have changed, Mr. Malaveci has "scratched" somewhere. We would be the ones who would denounce his sentence, but on the other hand, we are not siding with Mr. Malaveci for the sentence he has and the position he will take, since he is an adult and answers on his own, but because we we took all the time we needed to verify a news and made a statement, we realized that behind this sentence that we were publishing, it was actually a criminal attack by people with whom the reason why Mr. Malaveci collided is still unknown.

The latter told CNA that he was aware earlier and messages were sent to him that this type of punishment would be published. CNA after contacting Mr. Malaveci learned that it had all been a scheme and we read the documents to understand how the truth stood and further learned that the conviction had existed, but actually publishing it at this time, there was no journalistic process of some high official of the state, but it was a personal attack on an individual who was being threatened for dubious, almost criminal reasons. 

We emphasize this, since a high official cannot be attacked for an act committed in adolescence, even more so for more than 26 years ago. Here we are talking about a worthy official, who during his years in his career has not only shown professionalism, but also his dignity and correctness as a person. 

Such cases of writing about the distant past, and even more so in adolescence, should not be a standard of journalism, which unfortunately often happens in the Albanian media. /CNA

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