"This year there is no average, there are quotas", what happens to the payments of priority branches?

2023-11-17 21:25:12, Denoncim CNA

"This year there is no average, there are quotas", what happens to the

In June of last year, more than 40 national priority branches were announced due to non-registration of students. The only criterion was the average, in order to benefit from the additional payment of 400 thousand old leks. Meanwhile, in July of this year the situation changes, as now it will be acted on the basis of quotas and their number will depend on the budget, which will go to the institution of higher education. With the hidden camera we went to the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Agricultural University, where we were told that the average will no longer matter, but the quotas will depend on the budget.

University of Natural Sciences

Citizen:  I have a sister in high school, she is excellent.

Chief Secretary:  Yes!

Citizen:  And...

Chief Secretary:  Well done!

Citizen:  I want to add to these subjects with...

Chief Secretary:  Priority!

Citizen:  With national priority!

Chief Secretary:  Yes!

Citizen:  Is she paid?

Chief Secretary:  About the weather?

Citizen:  Yes!

Chief Secretary:  Come on, you get the payment even if it's not in tens. It takes over 8.5, but the finance branch is the one that deals with the financial side and with implementations.

Citizen:  She told me that she gets that minimum wage every month.

Chief Secretary:  That 400,000 ALL?

Citizen:  Yes!

"This year there is no average, there are quotas", what happens to the

Finance : Because everything will be related to the National Financing Agency of...

Citizen:  I mean, if she ends this year with tens, she applies, as far as I know, for Mathematics-Physics for example, and she comes out here with tens as well. Does he get that 400,000 ALL month after month?

Finance:  Yes! We say, that I will take it. For everything you have to go to this National Funding Agency.

Citizen:  Where is this?

Finance:  Next to the Ministry of Education and there you have the rights and obligations that girls have.

Agricultural University of Kamza, Forestry Engineering

Citizen:  I am interested in subjects with national priority, Forest Engineering.

Finance:  These priority branches are branches that are supported by the state, they are not branches that are supported by the university. That is, the state provides funds for students to study in priority branches.

Citizen:  Do they receive a monthly payment?

Finances:  They are receiving a monthly payment of 400,000 lek, which is the minimum wage, but this year for example, this year, where we are, we were told that this will be taken, now we are waiting, how much will the funds actually be. For example, it was said that it will be taken for every student who is in a priority branch. We are a university and we are waiting, we are waiting for funds and the funds are issued by the Ministry. The ministry says, based on the income we have there, the fund will be released, now...

Citizen:  Not for all students, that is, for half of them.

Finance:  Now, by the time he expresses this and says based on the limit he means that there is something, that since….

Finance:  The first year was years, which was offered to the state for a priority branch, which is Forest Engineering and...

Citizen:  Did you have excellent years?

Finance:  There were 8 points, about 8.5, those above 8.5, who had come.

Citizen:  Did they get money?

Finance:  They took it one year in a row and this year they don't benefit, they didn't make it, they couldn't keep the average and we wanted them to keep the average.

"This year there is no average, there are quotas", what happens to the

In the end, we went to the Higher Education Funding Agency, where they also explained to us that depending on the fund, it will be the quotas that will be opened, but everyone can register.

National Financing Agency:  Get your card and come apply!

Citizen:  To apply?

National Funding Agency:  A photocopy of the card and come here!

Citizen:  I wanted to ask about these criteria! What criteria?

National Financing Agency:  There are no criteria. Apply here, then the selection is made at the university based on the quotas set by the ministry.

Citizen:  How does it work now?

National Funding Agency:  Yes, first year students come and apply here for financial support. Last year it was average, this year it is without average, but with quotas.

National Funding Agency:  This year, if you apply, there is no average, you are not forced to keep the average, but to earn normally, if there are more requests than the quota, the average will increase.

National Funding Agency:  Always in the first year.

National Funding Agency:  He who gets this year, keeps it later. Just left school./ tvklan

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