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128 million euros for a non-existent incinerator/PPP contract, which led to the arrest of Lefter Koka

14 Dhjetor 2021, 14:12, Politikë CNA

Former Minister of Environment during the co-government SP-SMI, Lefter Koka, was arrested today by the police after an investigation by SPAK regarding one of the most accused files in Albania, that of incinerators.
The story of the incinerator concession, also called by the opposition as the corrupt affair of the century, began exactly at the time when the Ministry of Environment was headed by Lefter Koka.

CNA.al has published a complete investigation regarding the incinerator scheme in Albania.
We have proved with facts and documents the corrupt affair of the incinerators, the millions of euros that are paid from the taxes of the Albanians on behalf of Stela Gugalla, Klodian Zoto or Mirel Mërtiri.
It is these incinerator owners, who have subsequently partnered with owners and media executives. A clear scheme of some businesses, that receive money from the government, and then form partnerships with the media, or their executives.

On the other hand, regarding incinerators in Albania, there have been strong accusations from politics. Furthermore, there was a denunciation against former Minister Lefter Koka, who was arrested today.
The history of incinerators in Albania starts with a concession of 22 million euros in Elbasan, 28 million euros in Fier, while it increases the appetite in Tirana, with a concession of 128 million euros.
It is about a concession contract, where you are impressed by the fact that it was signed by Lefter Koka, a few days before he left office as Minister of Environment, as a representative of the SMI.

The contract was signed by Minister Lefter Koka and the concessionaire Integreted Energy BV SPV, by its representative Giuseppe Ciaffaglione, in August 2017. As can be seen on the
official website of OpenCorporates Albania, the announcement was made on April 20, 201, and after only 4 months was signed the concession contract./CNA.al

Skandali/ Koncesionari i 128 milion eurove fsheh ndryshimin e emrit

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