As always, after the elections, Basha starts the "campaign"

2023-05-24 18:10:00, Politikë CNA
As always, after the elections, Basha starts the "campaign"
Journalist Hysni Gurra

Ilir Meta will be remembered not for the fact that he has been in politics since December 1990, nor for the fact that he was President, Speaker of the Parliament, Prime Minister, Minister, etc., not for the accusations made against him and the affairs in which he was involved , but for an expression about Lulzim Basha. "Luli lies to you even when you ask her about the time."

Luli Basha was asked by journalists before the campaign started and he answered with his head held high that he would campaign in all of Albania.

As a man who keeps his word and in his best tradition, Basha started the campaign, again after the elections.

Today Luli Basha woke up, went out with 20 young people and put on a show that will blow your mind. It was more like an unprepared teacher in front of the students who, in order to fill the lesson, starts with questions: What do you think about this? How many of you voted? How many of you don't? And what did Lul Basha promise?

Open lists. Oh God! The man who was at the head of the DP for 9 years, the man who took the (incomplete) lists of deputies to the CEC 5 minutes after the official deadline, today he speaks without blushing, without your voice shaking as he blinks no and says... are you for open lists? Yes, PD has done a good thing after Basha's departure, namely the primaries and the new stature...

The second promise is an old recycling of politicians' vetting. Did anyone stop him when he was in charge of the DP from making transparency even on the official website of the DP?

Two long and time-worn theses, reminiscent of a verse from the South:

"Lame Sheshi changed and wore the clothes he took off"

Neyse, Luli showed that he continues his mission. Not a word about the regime, the capture of the system and the twisting of the judiciary, but insidiously started the mission to destroy the DP.

Seeing it today, you even feel sorry for Luli. It's like the Japanese soldier stranded on the island who didn't know World War II was over. Luli still speaks on behalf of the DP and this shows that he has not lost his sense of humor.

At the end, Luli said another epitaph. "I have my opinion" and I forget to add just one thing... "I don't agree with it".

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