Basha "clashes" with the deputies of the Democratic Party of Vula / Korreshi and Sula refuse to return

2023-05-24 16:45:00, Politikë CNA

Basha "clashes" with the deputies of the Democratic Party of Vula /

Gazment Bardhi called today's DP group for a meeting, where one of the issues that was discussed was the election of a new leader.

But from the positions given to the media, the members of the Democratic Party of Vula have "collided" in their opinions. Enkelejd Alibeaj spoke in favor of the return of Lulzim Basha as chairman of the DP.

"This party should not depend on individual names. This is what is required today! Anyone has the right to run again. This is appreciated by the membership", he said, but other MPs oppose Alibeaj.

Two such are Dashnor Sula and Saimir Korreshi. Sula said that the return of Basha is a wrong solution, as it keeps the conflict open.

"My stance has been firm. There should be no return to the leadership of the DP. If we want to leave the conflict open this would be a wrong choice. I am proud to have supported the primary candidate in Elbasan. I will support any opposition candidate. We have a responsibility from the first to the last. I have never breathed the spirit of discord. The division is fatal for the opposition", he declared.

While Korreshi stated that Basha, Sali Berisha and Enkelejd Alibeaj have received the electoral costs and should not be leaders of the DP, which according to him should unite.

"I have said all my statements, Lulzim Basha, Enkelejd Alibeaj, Sali Berisha should not run if they want to unite the DP. I think it has taken the electoral cost. We expect to unite the DP. To be honest, I know that the majority of the Parliamentary Group will meet today. It's a shame we don't get together. I call on Bardhi to take the initiative for unification!", emphasized the deputy./ CNA.al

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