Bushati revealed the behind the scenes/ How President Erdogan blackmailed Rama

2023-05-24 22:40:00, Politikë CNA
Bushati revealed the behind the scenes/ How President Erdogan blackmailed Rama
Journalist Andi Bushati

Journalist Andi Bushati said in the "Now" show on Euronews Albanai that the president of Turkey, Erdogan, has been blackmailing our country continuously.

He said that the Rama government has risked the breakdown of relations with the countries of the European Union only because Erdogan has asked Rama to hand over those whom Western countries have described as political prisoners in Turkey, despite the fact that this was a violation of the human rights convention.

"Where is the blackmail? Turkish Foreign Minister Bjen met with his counterpart Ditmir Bushati in 2018 and told him to close Gulenist schools, "we are a secular state and we do not accept this discourse", he told him. Blackmail escalates. In the case of Osman Kavalis, political prisoners are called the European Union, Albania abstained, that is, Albania violated the axis of Western countries.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Rama has stated, something that no country of the European Union has done, that July 15 is considered a coup by the Gulenists, he even said that he recognizes them as a terrorist organization and continues to support them, this is separation from everything heard from Berlin or from France.

There is also the issue of extraditions, which are actually kidnappings, because you have reactions from the UN. Screams from human rights associations, remarks from the Council of Europe. Why? Because Albania has signed a treaty with the Council of Europe not to hand over to countries where there is a risk of imprisonment and even worse the death penalty, people seeking political asylum in the country.

We have two cases where the Albanian state has behaved in a Bashibozo way, it has not accepted citizens who have sought asylum in Albania, because Erdogan has asked them to 'hand over the Gulenists'," Andi Bushati told Euronews Albania.

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