"Deadly danger" / Warning of the First Lady of Ukraine

2023-12-09 09:47:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
"Deadly danger" / Warning of the First Lady of Ukraine
The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska

Ukraine's first lady Olena Zelenska has warned that Ukrainians are in "mortal danger" of being left to die if Western countries do not continue their financial support

She made this warning in an interview for the BBC.

Zelenska made the comments a day after Republican US senators blocked a key aid bill that would have provided more than $60 billion in support to Ukraine.

Zelenska told the BBC that the aid slowdown represented a "mortal danger" for her country:

We really need the help. Simply put, we cannot tire of this situation, because if we do, we die. And if the world gets tired, they'll just let us die.

It pains us greatly to see signs that the passionate willingness to help may be waning. It is a matter of life for us. So it hurts to see this.

The White House has warned that US funding for Ukraine could run out soon, and Republicans have reached a deal to authorize more aid.

The UK has also urged politicians in Washington DC to agree a deal on Ukraine. UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said during a visit to Washington this week that the US was the "main beneficiary" of the Western coalition backing Ukraine's war against Russia./ CNA

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