New footage/ Birds in the bay, the chicken thief is caught again

2023-12-07 21:33:00, Denoncim CNA

New footage/ Birds in the bay, the chicken thief is caught again

Yesterday, the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan broadcasted an issue from Patos. In a neighborhood of this city, on November 19, 2023, in the middle of the night, 2 thieves stole 10 sea chickens from the Malay family. The complaint was made by Pëllumb Malaj, the youngest son of the house, who has been an immigrant for 20 years in Greece. He also fears for the safety of his 85-year-old mother, who lives alone.

Complainant: I have been living in Greece for 27 years. I have only my mother who lives in Patos. 10 days ago, they entered my house and violated my apartment, they stole from me. I came from Greece for this job. I filed a report at the Patos Police Region to identify the persons, I was not given a solution.

Complainant:  No one has ever stolen from us. The old man has been dead for 3 months. The old man is gone, this work is done. I ate an egg because I couldn't afford it. That's why I kept them. Why would the boy come from there? He ruined his work. It scared me. I'm afraid at night.

From the security cameras of the area where the theft took place, the thief of the chickens, Bajram Sulejmani, a neighbor in the area can be seen. For this denunciation, "Stop" asked the suspect of the incident, Mr. Sulejmani. He denied everything, saying he works as an undercover taxi driver, but has no alibi as to where he was on the night of the theft at 2am.

Journalist:  How are you Bajram? In connection with a theft that occurred here, you are charged. Do you limp or not?

Bajram Sulejmani:  I don't limp, not at all. I also explained to the police that I drive around when I drive a taxi.

Journalist:  I don't know, you can tell, this is where you are limping. Here is your car.

Bajram Sulejmani: I also explained to the competent authorities about this. The police came to the house and I told you that "I work day and night without hours".

Complainant:  O Bajram, I have a house full of cameras. Your car passed there according to the cameras at quarter past 2.

Bajram Sulejmani:  Yes, it has passed.

Journalist:  Where did you go?

Bajram Sulejmani:  They say 10 days, friend. 10 days I don't remember anything.  

Today, another video arrived at the editorial office of the "Stop" show, where Bajrami stole chickens and put them in his chest.

Saimir Kodra:  In the investigation we did, what the Patos Police Station could not do, here you have Sulejmani. If you look at it, there are 2 chickens in the chest, but it is not that he stole them, but he was cold and put 2 chickens in the chest. Watch when you leave the house. Here you have Sulejmani, who is the same leg that moves a little with problems. Here's Suleimani in the new heist brought to us today. It is the same Suleiman.

Gentian Zenelaj:  Isn't it time for the residents of this village to put the chickens inside the house and on the second floor if possible?

Saimir Kodra:  Yes, well done and they themselves hang out in the shacks. The time has come for the residents of the area to take Sulejmani and bring him to the country together with the police. It's the same sweatshirt and the same hoodie.

Gentian Zenelaj:  Gather your forces, whatever you have, Fier Police, and save the 3-4 chickens you have in the village because the chicken breed will be lost./tvklan.al

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