"The clock is not closed, 6 months without lights"/ Pays regularly, the citizen is fined again

2023-11-27 21:56:00, Denoncim CNA

"The clock is not closed, 6 months without lights"/ Pays regularly,

For the 20 million fine, citizen Ndue Kolthi meets the director of OSHEE Lezhë, who has just taken office. The latter says that he will see the problem, to give a solution.

Ndue Kolthi:  The electrician opened the clock. I haven't opened it.

Director:  Who electrician?

Ndue Kolthi : Mark Fizi! Call here you! No one knows the situation better than Mark. He opened the clock. I told him if we have a problem, don't open the clock. "No, I bear the responsibility. I spoke with the Director". 20 million lek fine, I don't know...

Director : Shife once, is there any work report?

OSHEE employee : Yes boss! When did he make the payment?

Director:  Come on, come here!

OSHEE employee:  It comes to 286,000 lek, and I don't have access to their invoice, and I don't have access to the economic damage. damaged. It is systematized then, it will be systematized.

Director:  So, who systematized it?

OSHEE employee:  XXXX, that he left the task force task to organize.

Director:  So, what about that record, which has been stamped?

OSHEE employee:  I should have seen the report, because it was taken!

Ndue Kolthi:  They left it open, it (the clock) is still open, even today that clock is open.

OSHEE employee:  They haven't closed like clockwork yet?

Ndue Kolthi : The clock is no longer closed, we have been without lights for 6 months.

Director:  The work report is coming out, it is called finished. O XXXX how is this job..?

OSHEE employee:  No job report sent (electrician).

Director : I will discuss it, I will even take it on the phone!

After the citizen, the Stop journalist meets the media coordinator, Ardi Kola, at the central offices of OSHEE, to whom she says that the entire practice will be seen, since the controls are carried out by OSHEE and the task force of the ministry.

Ardi Kola:  First of all, we need to look at the reason for imposing the fine, under what circumstances it was imposed and by which groups it was imposed, if it is as you say. Because it must be clarified that 2 units of control or field verification were taken. It is a control unit that depends on the DSO and it is also a control unit that depends on the ministry, a task force unit. So this is the first step to see which of the groups were and did the actions in question and to verify in relation to the questions you ask, whether or not the subscriber was notified, as he claims, that he was not aware of damage. Of course, we would turn to Lezha as well, but as you say, it is a case of December 2022, luckily the director of Lezha has been working for two weeks, I don't believe it would help us much. So we will start all the possible verifications about the case to see what happened and then to see what the shape is, if there is room to solve it.

We learned that electrician Mark Fizi was called, but he denied that he interfered with the citizen's meter, as there is no work order. The watch is left open, as they cannot serve a debtor subscriber, but it is not brought to criminal proceedings, as the contract is in the name of a non-living person. /tvklan.al

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