Pharmacies sell banned poisons

2023-11-29 21:25:00, Denoncim CNA
Pharmacies sell banned poisons
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Regarding pesticides banned in EU countries, but circulating freely in Albania, "Stop" monitored the market of agricultural pharmacies with a hidden camera.

And in fact, exactly the pesticides banned in the European space, such as Vidate, or Afromyl, Myclofil and Myclobutanil, are sold freely for use.

Pharmacy 1:  It has been withdrawn from circulation. You don't take responsibility for yourself, the other one doesn't take responsibility for himself, the longing doesn't go there, we all get hurt in the middle. We do not become human. We use products, which are not registered and which are harmful, outside the grace period (time of use), therefore it was removed from circulation, because it takes 60 days before harvesting. Contains active ingredients, which leave a residue.

Stopi:  Do you have this "Vidate"?

Pharmacist 2:  Yes!

Stopi:  What about "Afromyl"?

Pharmacist 2:  "Afromyl" is 23.

Stopi:  I am taking this, because there is more of this.

Pharmacist 2:  Thank you!

Stop:  For the nematode (disease)?

Pharmacy 3:  For the nematode you have "Afromyl".

Stopi:  How much lek is that?

Pharmacy 3 : This is 30 thousand.

Arnold Pashollari, director of AKU Fier, says that pesticides, which are not allowed, will be blocked.

"I wanted to say that these types of pesticides can be found in pharmacies, but the AKU of Fier district will take measures to block and seize all pesticides that are not allowed in our market. The part of pesticides is the responsibility of AKU. We will 100% try to enforce the law and deal with blocking and seizing the goods. We have sent information to the Environmental Inspectorate, which deals with this part and it is their procedure. We must be present together with the Taxes and the Environment Inspectorate for the disposal part. While for the part of the farmers who use pesticides, the Environmental Inspectorate will take care of it, for which the relevant procedures will be taken",  he said.

But until then we will consume problematic food products, while the exporters will be penalized and will pay for the irresponsibility of the institutions that are paid to protect us./tvklan.al

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