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With a court decision for the house, but his brother occupies it/ The citizen sleeps in the hotel

2024-04-11 22:40:00, Denoncim CNA

With a court decision for the house, but his brother occupies it/ The citizen

"Stop" was in the neighborhood "15 Tetori" in Fier. Artur and Vojasavë Dule, spouses, have been recognized by the court as the legal owners of an apartment in Fier. 

Because there were claims on the property, the court decided that the other family members should be compensated by them.

"What you see is my house, I won it in court and I have had it for three years, my brother has blocked it, he won't let me enter my house. I come from Greece for a problem, my brother does not allow me to enter my house. As you can see, the house is closed", said Arturi.

Agim Dule, Artur's brother, even though according to him he has been compensated, has become a big obstacle.

"I come to Fier because I have a health problem, I want to visit you, I want to come to my house, I can't sleep. Now I sleep in the hotel," he said.

"In conclusion, he suspended the trial case for the reason that this is missing, that is missing, I cannot understand what game is being played in the Court of Fier. I am so tired that I am also getting cancer from anxiety, from stress. I've been fighting in the courts for 6 years and I can't find justice. I ask for help from the show "Stop", he said.

(Fier Enforcement Office) 

Bailiff: Now, I don't know where the problem lies. If it had been left in nature, I had the right to go in nature and I would release that property to the master.

Artur Dule, whistleblower:  To the lawyer, which you gave me. It's been three years... You gave me the lawyer. You gave me lawyer Kida.

Bailiff:  No, you are very wrong. I do not deal with this procedure at all, given lawyers.

Artur Dule, whistleblower:  Agreed!

He occupied the property and today the house is locked. But what happened?

The trial was made only for recognition of property, but not for leaving the thing in nature or release-surrender.

This has cost the other spouses years of dragging through the courts, where from 2019 until today, with the object of releasing the property, they finally claim that the trial has been suspended.

Albi Olldashi, lawyer:  The judicial phase of the investigation was closed. The discussion phase is over. Discussions were also presented and the decision was announced. We don't even have the reasons for the suspension. We do not have a clear decision. At the moment, to have a decision, to see how the court expressed itself. Item release, yes, yes./tvklan

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