The woman abandons her husband and then her son, she does not even allow them to meet

2024-04-02 22:23:00, Denoncim CNA

The woman abandons her husband and then her son, she does not even allow them to

Rolandi is a citizen who tells "Stop" on TV Klan that he has been married for 9 years and in 2019 he became the father of a son. At that time, he left for Germany to work and provide income for his family. Rolandi fled alone because of the documents and stayed for 2 years, during which he contributed to his family.

But while he was still in Germany, his wife decided to end their relationship, cut off all contact, and when Rolandi returned to Albania, she only met the boy at the kindergarten. Rolandi says that the boy's mother has created a new life and left the child with her parents. He says that he hasn't seen his son for 6 months because they don't let him.

"It is very heavy. The boy was left an orphan with his father and mother alive because he is not living with either his father or his mother", says Rolandi.

The child currently lives with the grandparents, and the former mother-in-law admits this in a video recording. Between the lines it is understood that the mother rarely meets her son.

Citizen's sister: It belongs to the mother, because the child is underage, the child is small...

The boy's grandmother: I have the duty to raise him until he is 18 years old, then he has freedom on his own.

Citizen's sister: You have taken it upon yourself. You got to raise him to 18 years old.

The boy's grandmother: Yes, I raise him myself.

The citizen's sister: Has Ela accepted this? (son's mother)

The boy's grandmother: Yes! Why?

Citizen's sister: No! Agree, why doesn't he accept you to his own mother? Congratulations that you have succeeded, but Landi has also invested, that until today the garden has been paid for...

The boy's grandmother: He did his duty.

The citizen's sister: I say he has done his duty, he has rights, that when he does his duty, he also has some right to look after the child.

The boy's grandmother: Before 6 o'clock, get on the phone, good! After 8 o'clock he will sleep.

Citizen's sister: After 8 o'clock... well, well, I won't pick you up that late either, no. What about during the day, when you are at work, who do you hang out with?

The boy's grandmother: I have the oyster at home, the other one.

The citizen's sister: Yes, Ela, does she ever come to see him?

The boy's grandmother: Ela also meets him. Ela also comes from one night.

Citizen's sister: Meeting the boy is all the work, because he also wants a bridge of communication. I'm taking you, okay? I am meeting him, but when Landi comes, that he is in Germany. If he comes, how can he meet the child?

The boy's grandmother: Oh, with us, Landi doesn't...

Citizen's sister: Can't contact you?

The boy's grandmother: No, no!

The citizen's sister: There is nothing with Ela, because she doesn't have the numbers.

The boy's grandmother: The police don't let them meet, they can't meet at all.

"Stop" also received the answers of the other party, which seem to contradict the version of the grandmother who confirmed that the boy lives with her.

The boy's grandmother: The boy lives with Ela.

Father: Doesn't Ela live at your house?

The boy's grandmother: He lives, he doesn't, go and stay with Ela.

Father: How is he living, isn't he living, the boy is staying with you, the boy is not staying with Ela. Where does your daughter live?

The boy's grandmother: She lives where she used to live.

Father: Where?

The boy's grandmother: In Astir, why? The boy rarely comes and goes to Ela, stays at Ela's. I spend the day, I stay at Ela's at night.

Father: The boy spends the night there.

The boy's grandmother: No, no! You are wrong!

Child's mother: At this time I pick up the child. I take it at 11-12 or 2 when my people come from work and pick it up at 6-7.

The boy's aunt:

The boy's aunt: I am the boy's aunt and the boy stays here until his mother comes home from work.

Reporter: Doesn't the child stay here all the time? Where does mother live?

Boy's aunt: He lives here.

Journalist: Does your mother live here too?

Boy's aunt: He lives here. Here is the child, his mother is at work./tvklan.al

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