"You only sent 50,000 euros!"/ The woman threatens the man with screams: Bring the son or I will call the police!

2024-04-02 22:30:00, Denoncim CNA

"You only sent 50,000 euros!"/ The woman threatens the man with

After 9 years of marriage, Roland found himself abandoned by his wife. He emigrated to Germany for 2 years with the intention of providing her and his son with a better life, but when he returned she disappeared taking her son with her.

Rolandi told "Stop" on TV Klan that he hasn't seen the little one for 6 months. The child is currently staying with the grandparents, and the former mother-in-law admitted this in a video recording. She confirmed that her daughter does not meet her son often. The grandmother's statements are contradictory to the words of the boy's mother and his aunt.

The parties have not addressed the court to determine custody or meeting times. Even though there is no court decision, the boy's mother still thinks that the father has no right to keep or see him without her permission.

Finally, when after 6 months Rolandi manages to meet his son, he is faced with the threat of his wife who asks him to return his son that she will report him to the police.

The boy's mother: To go and take my child home, I tell you once more!

Father: Am I the father?

The boy's mother: Don't force me to bring you the police! Don't make me deal with the court and meet him once every two months! Take the child by 6:30! I will file a complaint for child theft.

Father: Yes, I am the child's father.

Boy's mother: You took it without my permission. You took it without my approval and I have the right to file a complaint.

Earlier, the boy's father got permission to meet his son.

Father: I asked you, did you get the boy ready, did you talk to Ela?

The boy's grandmother: I talked to Ela. To meet him, he said, meet him whenever he wants, that he is his own child.

Following the phone conversation with the boy's mother, Roland asks her to meet her son again. The woman tells him that she didn't send anything for the boy, even though in fact Rolandi contributed 50 thousand euros for both of them.

Father: I haven't seen my son in 6 months.

The boy's mother: Ore, I don't care at all how long you have without seeing it! You took my child from kindergarten.

Father: Where are you, that we don't have a communication bridge, that we have a child in the middle, I want to know.

The boy's mother: If you want communication, buy the child a phone and talk to the child! The kid is smart enough and old enough to pick you up. Have you contributed anything to your child?

Father: I contributed more than 50 thousand euros.

The boy's mother: Don't mention what you sent me! For the child, I'm talking, for the child.

Father: For my child, constantly.

Mother: When? That child does not eat? Don't you ever get sick? That child doesn't even get dressed?/tvklan.al

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