Fiks Fare investigation/ Prohibited cancerous preparations are sold in veterinary pharmacies

2023-09-28 21:38:09, Denoncim CNA

Fiks Fare investigation/ Prohibited cancerous preparations are sold in

Dimetridazole is a medication used mainly in poultry, but also in animals with liver problems and parasites.

This dangerous medicine, which Europe has removed from the list of veterinary medicines since 1995, is sold quite easily in our country.

This is in complete violation of the law as it is not part of the list of veterinary medications approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Despite this, it is found under the counter of animal pharmacies, as Fiks Fare also found. The power of this drug is so high that it can cause malformations of the fetus as well as promote cancerous diseases.

But what did Fiksi do? The journalists of the investigative show bought this medication in two veterinary pharmacies, one in Bubullime in Lushnje and the other in Fier Shegan po Lushnje.

In the first case, the pharmacist called the boy and then sold him by prescribing Dimetridazole for use.

Dimetridazole is also sold in the other pharmacy, but this time the pharmacist says that it is not 100 percent but 60 percent and it is gray in color.

He sells the medicine and on the usage sheet and on the lid of the packaging it says "Dimetridazole".

After taking the preparations in hand, Fiks journalists went to the two pharmacies where they were bought. In the first pharmacy where the preparation was sold as 60 percent dimetridazole, the pharmacist was tight-lipped and sometimes admitted and sometimes denied that it was sold in his pharmacy. Meanwhile, the guy who sold it says I cheated the buyer and wrote dimetridazole in vain.

In the second pharmacy, the door is closed, so the pharmacist is called by the journalists, who admits on the phone that he sold the medicine that he had left for 10 years. Meanwhile, his son goes to the pharmacy and without introducing himself makes his way to the filming crew of the investigative show.

While the journalists are waiting for a meeting, the pharmacist takes the journalists back on the phone and tells you that his mother is very sick and that he could not meet her.

But in fact it was quite the opposite, as the pharmacist left the phone open and the whole family discussed how to deny the sale of the preparation. In their plans and scenarios was to go to Tirana and deny the sale saying that they sold herbal medicine or tretracycline.

What is more important is the effect of this medication. Professor Kapllan Sulaj, dean of the Faculty of Food Biotechnology, told Fiksin that this preparation leaves toxic residues in animal organisms that cause cancer.

"This preparation is prohibited in all EU countries and in Albania, it is very dangerous for humans, as its toxins are not absorbed." says Sulaj./ tch

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