Stop/ Dentists caused problems to the patient, they are forced to compensate her. It turns out that they are also unlicensed

2023-09-28 21:31:50, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ Dentists caused problems to the patient, they are forced to compensate

The show Stop on TV Klan dealt with the case of the "Risus" dental clinic in Tirana, where the husband and wife dentist couple Julian and Enerjeta Sulaj mistreated a patient causing further health problems.

"I start with article 19, dedication and behavior where the dentist is obliged to guarantee the patient dedication, good behavior and maintain professional standards without abusing the patient physically or emotionally or materially, which I think happened in my case. The doctor must be careful and rational with interventions and diagnostic and treatment procedures. I don't know in this case how competent he was to perform a surgery on me, that too remains to be seen. The patient's right to be informed, which he violated by blocking me on WhatsApp. Informing the patient and obtaining consent or refusing it are expressed in writing in the patient's file and signed by him.I don't believe there is a clinical file of mine there and I didn't sign anything at that clinic.says the whistleblower.

About the mistake of the dentist Julian Sulaj, the Stop journalist was able to talk to him. He admits the mistake that the graph did not make to the patient and gives her 1 million old Lek as compensation, so that she redo the procedure.

Dentist Julian Sulaj: He came to me, I told him, we agreed with each other, that if it was a lady, I would make a filling and a crown would be attached to the broken part, you would wear a case. And that patient you have there is an adult and no one forced her to do without graph. It was the patient's wish not to have an angiogram. Now, that mistake was made! I felt that I did it, that it is my fault. I told the lady in question, that this belongs to both of us. You, who didn't do the graph, and I, who insisted, who didn't do the graph.

The patient thanks the show Stop for solving the case and was able to receive compensation from the dental clinic.

"I had been trying to communicate for several weeks, we finally managed to talk, communicate, clarify, I got the payment back and now I will continue the treatment at other dentists. Thank you very much. I didn't think that all this would be resolved within 60 minutes", she says.

But do the dentists in question have a license to practice? Orieta Musabelli, Secretary of the Order of Albanian Dentists, says that Enerjeta and Julian Sulaj are not licensed by USSH, but after the "Stop" journalist raised the problem, they presented themselves to be licensed.

"Mr. Julian Sulaj and his wife Enerjeta Sulaj are not licensed by the Order of Albanian Dentists. After this case was pursued by your show, both have been submitted for relicensing procedures. Based on this case, I call on all citizens, before you sit in the chair as a patient, you are interested and ask the dentist for the license, that it is hung on the wall and that it is within the legal deadlines provided for in Article 127 of the Albanian Order of Dentists", said the Secretary of the Order of Dentists.

Musabelli calls on the citizens that before going to the dentists, they should be interested in whether the latter have a license or not.

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