Stop/Maneuvers of the judge of Vlora, he starts the session before the scheduled time so that the prosecutor does not appear

2023-09-26 21:34:25, Denoncim CNA

Stop/Maneuvers of the judge of Vlora, he starts the session before the scheduled

The show Stop on TV Klan has published several times the case of Helidon Gjikoka, who through a lease contract for a property in Dhërmi became the owner, corrupting the legalization system and the Vlora Mortgage.

The case was reported to the Prosecutor's Office of Vlora, but nothing was done for 3 years. After the publication in "Stop", the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana started another proceeding, sending to justice 16 accused, led by Helidon Gjikoka, for abuse of office and corrupt acts.

Prosecutor Albert Kulici initially eliminated Elidon's associates, not accusing the 15 officials of ALUIZNI and Hipoteka. But the Supreme Court decided on November 22, 2022 to replace the measure from mandatory submission to house arrest.

On January 12, 2023, Elidon Gjikoka broke his house arrest. Ilia Koka, one of the brothers whose property was stolen, denounced this fact. After the announcement by the "Stop" journalist, the Police of Vlora went to the scene and made it possible to escort Elidon Gjikoka to the police station, to continue the procedures. 

After Judge Enkel Peza dropped the charges against the 16 people in the preliminary hearing, the Koka family appealed and won the two levels, the Appeal and the High, which decided that the 16 accused people should be punished.

"In the preliminary session, the preliminary judge, who was Enkel Peza, decided to drop the charges for almost all 16 defendants, leaving only the beneficiary of the property, Helidon Gjikoka, whom he also accuses of falsifying documents. For all the other persons, he fired them, as if Helidon Gjikoka forged them and was a state official and signed and sealed them as he wanted", says lawyer Llangozi.

At this stage, the case comes again to the Court of First Instance of Vlora, where favoritism and procrastination return.

The judge of the case Hektor Sinanaj has dragged the process by postponing 5 hearings without any reason. According to the minutes of the Court of Vlora, judge Hektor Sinanaj scheduled the next hearing on July 25, 2023 at 12:30 p.m. But judge Hektor Sinanaj did not conduct the session at the scheduled time, but 20 minutes earlier. Consequently, the prosecutor did not appear at that hour, causing the judge to postpone the hearing.

This was a trick used by Vlora judge Hektor Sinanaj to postpone the court session./ tvklan

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