Alma Kaç's denunciation/ A former director of ALUIZNI in Durrës had secretary girlfriends

2023-09-24 22:47:00, Denoncim CNA
Alma Kaç's denunciation/ A former director of ALUIZNI in Durrës
Alma Kaçi

Alma Kaçi, the woman who appeared in the video scandal of the former mayor of Kukës, Safet Gjici, made a strong statement this Sunday.

While talking about the abuses of officials, Kaçi said that a former director of ALUIZNI of Durrës employed his girlfriends as secretaries.

She did not speak with specific names, but emphasized in an interview for the media that the girlfriends of this official bought diplomas from the "Vitrina" university.

"Like Safeti, I can say that there are hundreds, I cannot say that they are mayors, they are in different institutions. There are former directors of ALUIZNI in Durrës, who have their girlfriends as secretaries there, meanwhile they have degrees bought at "Vitrina" which was a university at that time. While you have criminal precedents, today you have directors in Tirana. These abuses happen, and let SPAK take care of it, because there are plenty of them.

For the sacrifice, if this video did not come out, Alma would come out by word of mouth and say that Safeti does so and so in the office, no one would believe it," underlined Alma Kaçi./ CNA

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