The notary "takes the neck" of the firm's shareholders

2023-09-18 21:29:16, Denoncim CNA

The notary "takes the neck" of the firm's shareholders

A construction company denounces one of its former shareholders, Sabri Shera, for making contracts without the company's approval even after the cooperation contract was revoked.

According to the cooperation contract on November 16, 2017, Sabri Shera appears as the first investor and the construction company is the second investor. The two parties undertook to collaborate on the construction of a facility in the capital, where they would recognize as exclusive a venture contract with the owner of the plot of 2012.

After the development permit was cleared, the owner would receive 38 percent of the construction, 60 percent Sabri Shera and 2% the company. The company expressed the agreement that the construction right would be carried out by Sabri Shera, while the development permit would be in the name of the company.

The company with administrator Saim Keta and partner Mustafa Kurti, decided to revoke the cooperation agreement in July 2022.

With its revocation, the cooperation contract lost its legal force and no longer produces any such consequences for the above parties.

But with the help of the notary Perian Bodinaku, Sabri Shera used a general power of attorney from July 2020, to conclude business contracts, booking apartments and commercial units with various citizens.

But there is a problem: In 2022, Sabri Shera, with the revocation of the cooperation contract, was stripped of legal power.

Meanwhile, in April 2023 the construction company is sold and becomes the property of a new administrator, who moreover does not appear in any of the new booking contracts, although from a simple search in the KKB, it is clearly seen that there is a new administrator.

The notary herself who revoked the cooperation contract and stripped Sabri Shera of legal activities, on behalf of Sabri Shera, in this decision today opens the way for him to carry out serious actions on behalf of this entity.

In 2023, the company is sold, had another administrator and was sold to a new administrator on whom these consequences have fallen. The notary should have clicked on KKB and checked the data and would see that everything has changed./ tvklan

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