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Stop/ "Oh my face, by chance, I will come to kill you"/ The dentist breaks his teeth and threatens the Italian

2023-09-12 21:30:06, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ "Oh my face, by chance, I will come to kill you"/ The dentist

Luca Carta is an Italian citizen who works in Ireland. With the recommendation of another Italian, he came to Tirana a few months ago to place teeth with the method of implantology at the "Todri Dent" clinic with dentist David Todri.

The Italian pays the dentist with 4500 Euros in hand and after 1 week of stay in Tirana, he leaves. There he noticed that one implant fell out and started to write to the doctor. After consulting with an Italian doctor, the latter concluded that the work done by David Todri was of poor quality and with many problems.

"I work as a bus driver and a passenger told me that a friend of his knew a good dentist in Tirana. I needed implantology. Well, I said. When I had the money ready, I called this Italian and he gave me the phone number of David Todri, the dentist. I called him and he told me to come and that everything would go very well. He intervened in 8 teeth above and 6 below. I stayed 1 week in Albania and paid 4500 euros in hand. He did not give me an invoice, because I had to return in September again and then he would give me an invoice of 7 thousand euros in total. I went back to work in Ireland and yes, a bit of pain at first, but see, the implant was infected. I went to an Italian doctor and he told me that the infection had to be removed and the operation had to be performed. I took a total x-ray and gave it to the dentist, Dr. Palmas,says the Italian patient Luka Karta.

In the conversations the patient had with the Albanian doctor, the latter insulted him severely and threatened to kill him.

Luka Karta: Did you see the messages? When I lost a tooth, I called the dentist David Todri and asked him for an explanation, and he told me that no one dies because a tooth fell out. I was explaining that he did not work well with the structure of the teeth. He turned on me badly, he said very insulting words to me, very serious threats. Did you hear the audio messages that started me?

David Todri, dentist: My face...! Oh...! Do you know what I would do to you if I came to you? I'll put you...in your mouth! Why are you afraid"?

Message from dentist David Todri: "You are a homosexual! I feel sorry for you! I want you to give me oral sex. Time will tell who I am and who you are. I will come to kill you! You are nothing but a filth"!

The Stop show went near the Todri dental clinic, located in the "Paris Commune" area. No one came out. But Stop's journalist had a telephone conversation with dentist David Todri.

Dentist David Todri: Run away, don't call me, you! Close...!

Now, for Luke, making his teeth from scratch has cost him 12 thousand Euros. He demands the money he gave to the Albanian doctor and compensation. For this case, Stop turned to the Order of the Dentist.

Alban Peca, General Secretary of USSH: We, implementing the regulation of the professional disciplinary trial, have immediately communicated to the regional council of the Order of Dentists of Fier and have advised them to immediately continue the procedure according to the regulation. He must bring a written complaint or unable to bring it himself for various reasons can give a power of attorney of a lawyer and present it according to the rules we have.

Xhevdet Sadikaj, president of USSH Fier, says that for threats the Italian citizen should go to the police. As for the professional work, Sadikaj says that both sides should be heard and the interested party should make a written request as to what he wants from the Order of the Dentist./ tvklan

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