50,000 Lek per beach guard card, vacationers risk their lives

2023-09-04 21:15:42, Denoncim CNA

50,000 Lek per beach guard card, vacationers risk their lives

The Federation of Beach Watchers is the only institution that issues certificates and cards of beach watchers.

The General Secretary of the Federation explained the training method in two stages, theory and practice, for the device with the beach watcher's card.

"A very good part of the curriculum is about the role of the beach watcher and the role of the beach watcher, responsibilities, how to act in cases of danger, prevention and communication with vacationers about the legal basis that regulates their activity," she said .

The show "Stop" tracked down a forger, who, against the sums of 50,000 and 10,000 new Lek, provides you with a beach watcher's card or renews it, after you have to do the training.

Citizen: Do I have to go to the federation for this?

Fraudster: Well, either you will go to the federation in Tirana or the one who gave you the card, gave you the course if you have always taken the course. Have you done training for..

Citizen: There was a Lxxxxx that I remember.

The fraudster: Yes, you must tell him or you will go to Tirana

Citizen: I also have a manager-type son that I will leave there. I want to get him a card too.

Scammer: Do you have it, do you have it for renewal or are you getting it for the first time?

Citizen: The owner of the building has it for renovation, so let me explain it like this. The one who got the beach license and the manager has it for him.

Scammer: Did the gentleman get his beach license or not?

Fraudster: So, no, he got all the permits for the beach?

Citizen: He got the permit but his card has expired.

Scammer: Take it as a card. Take me as a photo card!

Citizen: Yes! What about that other chun?

Scammer: Bring me ID card and photo.

Fraudster: 500th (Thousand Lek)

Scammer: Yes, 3-4 days I believe.

Citizen: Ok! Okay, here I go.

Trickster: Ok! OK! We start talking about everything

This phenomenon directly affects the life safety of vacationers. The infiltrator of the show goes to the bar, where the forger asked for a meeting and was provided with the card, which enables him to work as a lifeguard.

Citizen: An order. They left me in an envelope here.

Bartender: What is this order?

Citizen: Yes! How did they tell you? I see it there.

Citizen: These. Okay! This is .. But he didn't give me a certificate?

Citizen: You will keep this. This is mine.

Citizen: You will only take this and I will talk to this gentleman. I will leave 100 thousand lek for this.

Citizen: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, count

Citizen: This is the date, two years. Okay! This is very good. Okay!

Bartender: Do you have both?

Citizen: Let's see, try this once.

Then, we verified this card at the Federation of Beach Watchers, as the only institution that issues this document. It turned out that the card was fake.

"The observer was certified years ago, but this is a renewed card not from the Federation, it contains the logo of the Federation, its President, but this card has not gone into the database of renewals", said the secretary .

Citizen: I only took the owner's.

Citizen: I even gave 100,000 lek to that girl. Look at this because I have my problem, I told you and I will tell you then about the next one, ok!

Trickster: You're listening! Is that you who became the new woman?

The fraudster: That's why you created a problem for me because I believed who is what.

The fraudster: I said why in Lezha this one should talk to this one from the south. Yes, we have our problems, brother. You have to understand how I do this because I train 10 people, 15 people, that's why I'm in Saranda, I'm doing a course here, and 2-3 people like you. When I do this work, which is based in Tirana or Durrës, that Lxxxx from Lezha creates problems and says enter one for example to register me as I give these without courses. My license is revoked. Do you understand brother?

Scammer: That's why I left it at the bar counter. I just stayed because I don't have the nerve to sit behind you and take you screenshots, how much money do I have to collect from this job because it's money that I paid them in advance because they told me no, we don't trust us until the contracts and things are done, the contracts are signed, all the work is finished and...

Citizen: When you're done, come meet me and we'll talk.

An appointment is then made to receive the card.

Citizen: How was your day? What's up?

(Shows on the mobile phone the footage from receiving the card the first time, footage from the bar's cameras)

Citizen: Do you have your own bar?

Scammer: No man, what a bar. If I had my bar, I wouldn't deal with these things.

Citizen: How did you get the cameras?

Scammer: I'm IT and this dude works IT at the federation!

Citizen: Is IT in the federation?

Trickster: Yes! He also arranges these things, yes he has, he is afraid to go out on his own like this and we do honor to each other by going out like this.

Citizen: When will we receive the certificate? When will he bring me?

The scammer: Yes, today was fine, man, but you didn't answer and you said no, this was a provocateur, you won't see me again!

Citizen: Receive the certificate on Monday and I will give you the money. We'll leave it at that, then on Monday give me the certificate too...

Citizen: I'll give you the money. Okay!

Scammer: Half an hour, 1 hour I told him, brother, don't delay me because I have my work, I have the car in service.

Citizen: Is there a photo here or not...

Fraudster: The photo is that of the card

Citizen: Where will the card be placed here?

The fraudster: The smallest problem here at the bar, I will be the guarantor for part of the lek...

Citizen: 500 thousand Lek he said, 1,2,3,4, 500 he said...

The scammer: I don't know, he told me even if he didn't give you the money, I made another agreement...

Citizen: Well, he told me that when...

The scammer: He explained just one thing for you to keep in mind and Çxxx said to call me when he is at the notary. Put the knife away from you

The scammer: This is a double interest, listen brother, you and he and he puts a Lek in his own pocket and you finish the job./tvklan

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